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Cask o' Blog

Find Yer Best Mate!

Posted in The Spyglass

Find Yer Mate!

Lonely on long solo voyages? Lookin' fer stimulatin' conversation? Try the new Pirate Match, an' find like-minded hearties! Pirate Match be a bulletin board found in each Inn, an' on it ye can post yer piratey profile an' preferences for an ideal pirate match. Pirate Match will then suggest compatible candidates. Swab right if ye like the look of a potential mate, or swab left to fling 'em back into the sea!

Need tips fer gettin' quality matches? Try the followin': Use yer best portrait on yer profile, an' make sure it still looks like ye! If the portrait's over a decade old, don yer finest piratey attire an' commission a new one. It's worth it! Also, try givin' potential hearties a show o' yer personality. Got the commodities market viciously cornered on yer home island? Say so! Best coxswain on the entire ocean? Write that down! Always do corner fries as yer first move in the drinkin' puzzle? ...Er, maybe omit that. Ye can fess up to it later, once ye've secured a favorable first impression, savvy?

Once ye've found a swashbuckler to yer likin', chat with 'em for a spell, then ask 'em to join ye on yer grand adventures! Or invite 'em on the old standby, "treasure haul an' swill." Get to yer local Inn an try out Pirate Match today!

Spring Forth!

Posted in The Spyglass

Put some spring in your step, mates, for this month's Spring Green Mystery Boxes are full of fresh greenery! Spectral cat pets appear in this box, along with spring green / emerald musketeer parrot familiars, spring green trinkets, ships, chromas and furniture!

For more information about the full contents of the 2016 Spring Green Mystery Box, as well as the official rules, please click here. The Spring Green Mystery Boxes are only available for a limited time, so leap on your chance to get one today!

From now until 3:00 PM PDT on March 21, 2016 you'll earn a free Spring Green Mystery Box for every $9.99 you spend on doubloons, or every month of subscription time you purchase!

The Sloop is on Fire!

Posted in The Spyglass

Old Lefty has been spending a lot of time in the Explorers' Hall, talkin' to anyone who will listen. He has a fanciful theory that a pirate could, theoretically, sail to the center of the planet. He's challenging other brave explorers to join him in his endeavor to find the passage. Ye'll want to gather supplies, and load them onto this month's limited edition ship!

The Torrid Class Sloop is hot, hot, hot! It has a distinctive decorative theme and is constructed to make the perilous journey through water and fire. The bow is designed to allow the ship to break through any obstacles ye may encounter on yer explorations. Ye'll also be glad to have deluxe engines and specially designed bilge pumps for the treacherous conditions!

Visit yer local shipyard today! The Torrid Class Ship is only available through March 31, 2016.

Monthly Reward and Tournament Time!

Posted in The Spyglass

Own a subscription that runs through March, or make a purchase of $9.99 or more this month to receive a Barnabas the Pale Royal Carpet. This is the seventh furniture item in the Brigand King carpet series!

Ye've survived the endlessness of winter cabin fever, but March brings a new form o' madness to the oceans! Catch the fever and grab a stick. Earn the March Seal o'Piracy by participating in 5 different tournaments.

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