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Cask o' Blog

Hunt the Moonlit Sea!

Posted in The Spyglass

Halloween casts its sinister shadow across our seas once again. Fer a limited time special Spooky Trinkets can be plundered from Brigand Kings n' Sea Monster Hunts, and can be exchanged at the Trading Post. Two new masks and new furniture designs have been added to the Trading Post t' help ye scare away unwanted trespassers. Act now while the candy lasts.

The wolfsbane is in bloom and the pack is calling! From the dark wood beneath an autumn moon it has come for ye! Pirates should be wary of this dangerous new ship that prowls the darkening waters. Ravenous and primal, it has caught the scent of cowardly brigands and is out fer their blood! The Howl Class Sloop has no mercy and will lure the gullible. Board that ship at yer own peril.

The Howl Class Sloop is available at yer local shipyard through November 30th, 2016!

October Gold Boxes!

Posted in The Spyglass

Gold Box!

The Widow Queen be up to her usual tricks infusin' this month's gold boxes wit' enough spooky delight to thrill even the most hardened o' ghouls.

See the Patchy Fox shocked white wit' fright! Marvel at the Crystal Ball, black as night! Even the Toucans 'ave a shifty look in thar eye.

Find Gold Boxes at yer island bank until October 17th at 3 PM PDT. Get the full list o' goods here.

I see monsters

Posted in The Spyglass

Own a subscription that runs through October, or make a purchase of $9.99 or more this month to receive a Skeletal Monkey to rattle around yer cabin.

Scour the islands fer roaming packs of undead and force them back into the seas to earn October's Seal o' Piracy! Earn the October Seal o'Piracy by defeatin’ 1 group of skellies and 1 group of zombies!

Those Greedy Brigands

Posted in The Spyglass

Avast, mates!

Greedy brigands 'n barbarians who 'ave selfishly hoarded bits o' booty fer themselves 'ave infiltrated the oceans. Ye might spy some durin' the melee phase o' sea battle while out on a pillage. Ye’ll recognize the blaggards by thar extravagant jewelry they can’t resist showin' off, such as gold eyepatches 'n flashy necklaces.

They 'ave one fatal flaw: each greedy brigand 'n barbarian has a weakness against one color. Target thar weakness 'n plunder some o' thar Lavish Lockers filled wit' Pieces of Eight, along with exclusive new items, silver chromas, and rare creatures to call yer own.

Learn more about these dastardly foes and how to plunder thar treasure here

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