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Apollo's Blog

C is for... Crud

C has me beat. C for Complete lack of inspiration.

I have worked through several possible topics for C, including my ideal set of Commandments for events, and my views on the highs and lows of Cobalt Ocean. In the end, both of those were discarded, along with a number of other (equally dull) subjects.

I suppose this one could be C for (stream of) Consciousness.

C could be for Clicking… nearly 23,000 times to transfer items from winning auction bidders…. C for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If I do an item auction again, I’m going to ask people to transfer items to an expendable alt, so that I can just delete the alt and all items with it! But I didn’t, and the bid totals exceeded my expectation greatly! And despite the Clicking, I can’t help but be delighted by that!

C for Conch? I think the Atlantean Conch is one of the most captivating pieces of artwork that’s gone into the game ever – I really love it. As an aside, I considered putting up a tournament called “Bumper Sticker” on each ocean with a ribbon trinket inscribed with “My Other Trinket Is An Atlantean Conch”. However, I was persuaded that this might cause petition hell for the on-duty OMs with people asking if this meant that winning the tournament would get them a conch. It made me giggle for a good hour, though.

C for Caterpillar? Mmmm, caterpillar.

C for Closure? I have had a plan for D since the beginning of this blog, y’see, so I really needed to get C out of the way. Cwickly.


Posted by Ikke

Pssh, I think you meant the Antediluvian Conch and pssh, it ain't a trinket *wink*

But yeah, "Bumper sticker" tourney idea made me giggle too :)

October 20, 2008 at 11:08 AM PDT | permalink

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