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Apollo's Blog

K is for... Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa)

Back in November, with my next blog post expected imminently, I asked for questions from you for me to answer. I exacted payment, though - if you wanted me to answer your question, you also had to provide information about yourself for me to include in the post. Ill-health, surgery and various other events intervened, and the blog post did not get finished. Until now. So, in the hopes that nothing you told me then is deeply embarrassing now, I present my K entry - Knowing Me, Knowing You.

Shannal (Midnight)

Knowing Me:

What are your thoughts on the colonization of Midsummer? (with some subsidiary questions that I have tried to address in my response)
I was sad to see it chosen for blockading - it is one of the islands that seemed special and 'entire of itself'. Some islands cry out for buildings and bustle, but even if it's strange to apply to an island in an online game, Midsummer was a little center of spirituality for me! I don't think it's a step forwards or backwards for Midnight, but I think it's a reminder that different people value different things.

Knowing You:

Shannal says "I'm 23 and I have to say that I'm surprised I passed Kindergarten. I still can't tie my shoes. I will often retie them up to 5 times in an hour because they just come undone. There are times when I ask a friend to tie them for me, just so that I know they'll stay done up."

We say: That's why God invented Velcro!

Domokun (Sage) asked a selection of K questions!

Knowing me:

Keeping Quiet - What has been the most exciting part about knowing 'whats coming up'? Have you ever let something slip that you shouldn't have?

I think so far the update I was most excited about was Rumble. I bounced for days.
I don't think I've let things slip that I shouldn't have, although once I thought I had, when my player character gave an answer to something on greeter chat that I realized in retrospect might not be public domain - I underestimated the power of the YPPedia, though - somebody else answered just after me and included the YPPedia link where the information was! (On that subject, I once gave an answer on greeter chat as my player, and was flatly contradicted by another greeter - the question was about petitioning OMs... I didn't bother to argue it. I remember which player it was, but I'll not let the name slip. *grins*)

Kindness - Other than gifts in shacks upon prize-giving, which of course is now defunct, do you have any examples of true kindness from players?

Actually, there are lots. Some of them unfortunately turn into tales of scamming, but there are also player-run events that are pretty much entirely philanthropic (like the memorization events, whisking parties, prize giveaway events at holiday time, etc), there are greeters who go well beyond normal expectations to help out new players, there are tales of great sportsmanship and generosity of spirit, there are doubloon and subscription gifts from friends (and even strangers) to people who need a helping hand.

Knick-knacks - Do you keep anything with Apollo or Sun, trinkets or some such? Something that has sentimental value?

Every now and again, a player gives me a trinket with a message on - I've not got many, but those I do have, I always have with me, and I'd never get rid of them. Once I got a teddy bear from a player with a kind message on it, and I had it displayed and loved it, and I was quite hurt when he came back later and said that he'd just found out I could make teddy bears myself so could he please have the one he gave me back! I gave it back, of course, but I was rather sad. Because, yes, I *can* make them, but...

Know-it-all - As an OM you're expected to know everything, but do you? Not much is known about the OM support tools, do you use the YPPedia much? How often do the new OMs come running for help? (Feel free to name names :P)

I don't nearly know everything. I use both the YPPedia and our own documentation to check answers, and also refer to colleagues or developers if I want to check something or if I can't find an answer. New OMs are told to run for help - and that's a good good thing. Not one OM, no matter how long they've been doing this, has all the answers. As far as I'm concerned, I'd much rather honestly say that I'm not sure about an answer than pretend I know.

Knowing you:

Domokun says, "As for me? I play 4 different musical instruments."

We say: Why is there no Y!PP BIg Band?

Sweetiepiepi (Midnight)

Knowing me:

What 'inside information'/thing unknown to the playerbase were you most surprised to learn after you started on the job?

The true identity of Ramirojr.

Apart from the obvious scamming, what one thing do you wish players would never do?

Call me "hun".

What was the craziest dream you ever had?

I'm not a good person to ask that question. I dream a LOT, and I seem to remember them all. Asking me for a craziest dream would require a lot of data analysis. Instead, I'm going to go for "first dream that popped into my head when reading this question", and hope that will do you. Well, I'm a wench in a Tudor castle, and in between serving bread and small beer to the nobles, I have to try to solve equations in the tower. There's a gentleman who I think might like me, and I'm a bit excited about that, because he's really sweet and kind, and obviously that would give me much more money than I have at the moment, but I know I can't do anything about that relationship until I've solved these equations. I've never been comfortable working things out from first principles, and it's all very difficult, and I can't find a pencil anywhere. Also, every time I go up the spiral stairs in the tower, they seem to get narrower so that I'm scared that I won't be able to turn and come down again.

Knowing you:

Sweetiepiepi says "After going to Space Camp as a kid, I now work for a space and technology company. But they haven't sent me into space yet."

Castawayjoe (Midnight)

Knowing me:

If you were stranded on a desert island, would you eat your shoe or your watchband first, and why? Pick one or the other.

I would eat my shoe, because I don't wear a watch.

Knowing you:

Castawayjoe says "I like to spin poi in my spare time (though not fire ones)".

Knowing me:

Who comes up with the Y!PP error messages? You know, like 'talking to oneself is a sign of impending insanity'. Although personally I could name several players who have surpassed the 'impending' stage completely.

Historically, those have been created by various developers. They're twisted people, srsly. Occasionally, there is some OM input, but not as a rule.

Knowing you:

Castawayjoe is a twin.


Knowing me:

How were you first introduced to Puzzle Pirates?

A colleague passed on a link saying that the game was about to go into Beta testing. I liked the look of it, and applied for an account (account creation wasn't immediate - you had to fill in the information and then wait for another email with further information in. I was so excited when the email came through and I could play the game - and I was immediately and irrevocably hooked.

Knowing you:

Hera says "Spiders make me curl up in terror."

Tomrizzo (Hunter)

Knowing me:

Do you ever take response action as an Oceanmaster that contradicts your personal beliefs? (For example, have to ban a long-time hearty or reject custom vessel rename you actually find witty but against policy)

I've done both of those things, but I wouldn't say that either were against my personal beliefs - against my personal comfort, perhaps! I have also applied rules or policy that I personally feel uncomfortable with. I'll take part in a debate or discussion about it, but if it's current policy, I'll try to apply it whatever my personal feelings on the issue.

Knowing you:

Tomrizzo says "I'm almost nearly obsessed with learning in's and out's of the game. I constantly read threads and the YPPedia which dive deeper into player's discussion of game mechanics. I feel there's so many greater details to the puzzles then what the in-game "tips" offer."


Knowing me:

What's the best Halloween costume you've ever worn (if you celebrate it), and which one have you seen that you liked the best?

I can't say I celebrate Halloween, but it's something that goes on around me! I don't think I have a favorite for myself. I made a good mummy costume for someone else, though! My favorite one on someone else was a very good Frank N Furter costume on a work colleague!

Knowing you:

Carsomyr says: "I'm all brave-like and say horror stories don't scare me. But secretly, after I read one, I can't get to sleep at night."


When you were a wee godling, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Knowing me:

I wanted to be a children's doctor.

Knowing you:

Taelac says "I wanted to be a zookeeper, but am going to be a librarian, which I'm finding to be very like keeping track of wild animals, only with more books."

PadmeMaster (Viridian)

Knowing me:

Do you know what the trigger is for the jinxed idol trophy?


Which entry in Karaoke Kapers did you find funniest/coolest?

It's really difficult to pick one entry out, because there are some very funny and cool entries in both contests that have been held. From the latest one, the ones that I particularly remember as being funny were Tamsin's "We didn't start the tarting" that was entered in the lyrics-only category, and Yesterday's "You're a keen one, Modest Tench", which was a very funny performance. Oh, wait - what am I talking about? Hands-down funniest ever karaoke entry was Irishlad's entry. Tragically, the demise of the karaoke section on that site has removed that entry from public access, but it reduced me to helpless laughter.

Knowing you:

Padememaster says "Two things about me: I have a short attention span and have only played one year (and two weeks)" (that was in November, so presumably one year and five months now!"

Dchow (Midnight)

Knowing me:

Why is Dchow so awesome?

Perfectly silly question. Why is the sun so bright? Why is rain wet? It's just how he is! That won't do? Ok. Dchow is awesome because he treats me like I'm a human being, and doesn't laugh at my accent.

Knowing you:

Dchow says "My name is David."

The Interrogation Of Apple Bunny

in which Bisquick (Midnight) asks many questions but totally redeems that by answering them all too.

What was that first choice OM name anyway? (nag nag nag)

Knowing me: Dionysus

Knowing you: "My first choice is Cybele. I named my first rabbit that :)"

And that first favorite joke? (more nagging)

Knowing me: Please don't hate me. No, really, I was actually laughing just typing this in. I think I heard this first from another pirate. That's my only defense.

Q: Why is the alligator so ornery?

A: Because of its enlarged medulla oblongata.

Knowing you: A man walks into a bar and says ouch. :P

How extensive is your experience playing the flute and handbells?

Knowing me: I only got a flute when I was 17, but have taken it to quite a high level since then. Handbells I rang for 9 years, although I only play at occasional concerts now, because I stopped being able to go to the rehearsals. I've played piano and recorders since I was a child, and I've also perpetrated cello, violin and guitar over the years. I'm also really good on the beer bottles, as you may have heard. The instrument I'd most like to play but don't is the harp - I've always felt that I would take naturally to the harp, although I have no evidence to support this instinct!

Knowing you: "I started clarinet in the sixth grade, bassoon in the eighth. Currently romping around with clarinet in college marching band and playing both for a National Guard band."

What is the strangest present you have given someone?

Knowing me: I took a lump of wood to a pirate friend as a birthday present, labelled "One unit of wood". We set fire to it outside that night, and sat around talking (and there may have been rum involved) - it's a happy memory. The following year, she sent me a coconut.

Knowing you: "Homemade capes for my boyfriend and his family. *nods* And no, they aren't a family of super heros."

How much of the world have you seen?

Knowing me: Canada, 9 U.S. States, China, several countries in Europe, somewhere in the Indian Ocean, a couple of countries in North Africa.

Knowing you: "I'm at seven U.S. states, almost another state, sort of two more states, and Canada. Not that interesting except maybe Hawaii ;)"

And what do you want to see?

Knowing me: New Zealand, Madagascar, Colorado, Iceland

Knowing you: Europe

If Y!PP's Greatest Hits were to open up right now for Ringers, what event would you enter with?

Knowing me: Dead Letter Office

Knowing you: Technically I'm not a Ringer so I can't answer this. That aside, probably one of the OM doll events

So the favorite book question was difficult to answer. But what about a favorite fiction character?

Knowing me: duh, Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I lurrrrrve him.

Knowing you: Momiji from Fruits Basket

Did you have a childhood dream and what was it (the definition of child being whatever you feel it should be?

Knowing me: I knew even at the time that it wasn't going to happen, but Arthur C Clarke made me want to be a marine biologist, specializing in dolphins.

Knowing you: First grade: orca whale trainer

And the most important of all: What do you do with a B.A. in English?

Knowing me: I'm not sure what I'd do with one - mine could scarcely be more different. Perhaps I would be someone who 'translates' complex writing into plain speech. Or... book reviewer? Yes, I'd do that.

Knowing you: Write awesome musicals, of course. :P

Here, have this bottle. What's in it?

Knowing me: Diet coke, I would think.

Knowing you: Looks like sunscreen. *peers* How helpful.

How about that big election that happened recently; who'd you vote for?

Knowing me: Ored

Knowing you: Ored

What, if anything, will send you running away screaming at the top of your lungs?

Knowing me: television programs about cars

Knowing you: Gilderoy Lockhart

Do you sleep with any stuffed animals?

Knowing me: On my bed at the moment are: a purple microwaveable teddy bear, a dinosaur named Talulah and Countrytheta's Apollo doll!

Knowing you: A teddy bear named Dean.

What kind of dessert do you like, if not ice cream?

Knowing me: I like fruits, yoghurts, panna cotta, and actually, creme brulee can be nice!

Knowing you: creme brulee

Weapon of choice? (okay, so it's probably the bow and arrow, but what about arrow of choice then? :P)

Knowing me: weapon of choice: trebuchet. arrow of choice: Captain Jack Sp-Arrow

Knowing you: a ladle.

Knowing me some more

I was interested at the questions I *didn't* receive for this. Everyone who asked a question kept away from some of the more personal or contentious questions that I was half-expecting to receive and even half-prepared to answer! "What's the name of my non-OM pirate?", "Where do I live?", "How old am I?", "Am I single?", "Have I made out with any other OMs?", "Who's the cutest OM in real life?" - these are questions I get asked fairly often in the game, and I was expecting them to arrive in some form when providing an open opportunity for questions! However, you all behaved yourselves, so I didn't have to decide which to answer and which not to!

Thank you to everyone for their questions!


Posted by Crazy MaryJo

"a purple microwaveable teddy bear"

srsly?! What the heck is a 'microwaveable teddy bear'? I have this image of a purple exploding stuffed animal in your microwave now... need some cleaning wipes?

April 26, 2009 at 02:18 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by Crazy MaryJo

P.S. Why aren't you on Twitter?! :P

April 26, 2009 at 02:21 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by Castawayjoe

This entry made me smile, I love everyone's questions and answers.

April 26, 2009 at 02:58 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by Ynahteb

Wait...so HAVE you made out with any of the other OMs?

April 26, 2009 at 04:34 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by Apollo

The microwaveable teddy bear has a wheat-filled tummy, and can be heated up in the microwave to be a Thing Of Great Comfort on cold nights. :)

Twitter. At the moment, I'm leaving that for the kids to play with. *shakes walking stick* NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!

"Wait...so HAVE you made out with any of the other OMs?" I may have done... Don't you wish you'd ask that question for the blog now, eh?

April 26, 2009 at 12:41 PM PDT | permalink

Posted by Bisquick

Ha, I had forgotten I had asked so many questions, so reading through that was more amusing than usual. I'm so nosy (yet noseless. ho hum). ;P

April 26, 2009 at 08:46 PM PDT | permalink

Posted by Shannal, Midnight Ocean

WOW! It got done! YAY!

Thanks for all the info Apollo, very interesting! That dream...that's a doozy.

And I too wish people would stop calling me hun.

April 27, 2009 at 04:07 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by Kitt

What D: How did I miss question asking time? My stalkage of you is so full of fail lately D:

Also, I'm sorry to inform you, but Darcy is mine and you cannot have him. You will have to settle for Bingley, who is atleast adorable. Better question, though I'm sure I know what your answer will be, which theatrical version was your favorite?

And what? You don't like ICE CREAM? >.> oh noes.

Ps. Also, I somehow managed to fail this little math problem down here and it wont let me post. Is this a joke? Am I on TV?

May 04, 2009 at 02:18 PM PDT | permalink

Posted by Apollo

Actually, I'm happy to be asked questions any time for the blog. Just PM me if they're more directly for me, or put them in the Blog section on the forum in the questions thread if they're relevant to multiple OMs!

May 19, 2009 at 03:15 PM PDT | permalink

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Posted by Bennyboi

My guess is that you would make out with Cronus. Just a guess, mind...

Oh yeah, as CMJ said, GET TWITTER NOA PLS!!!! den ai kn stlak u on end of pee pee loloolol.

June 02, 2009 at 01:11 PM PDT | permalink

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