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Gaea's Blog

QOTW Three: Veni, vidi... vinci?

Hello again, bloggos and blogettes. Has it been a week already?
It appears so!

When I decided to do this, I planned on doing a mix of light-hearted items (as the first two Questions of the Week were) and questions which popped up frequently in petitions, which is what I had planned for this week and will do. The issue I have with the latter type is that currently, the blog is read by people who are familiar with the forums and with YPPedia, and the questions which I get asked most via petitions tend to have answers that more seasoned pirates have generally already found out the answers to. The ones which aren't questions about game mechanics with answers in the wiki tend to be so specific to various situations that I don't feel comfortable posting about them here, as you'd be able to go, "oh, that's Soandso from Suchandsuchaflag. So THAT's what she's planning", and all sorts of woe would ensue. I'm generally in favor of avoiding woe.

I've had a couple of PMs on the forum regarding possible topics, and one pirate posted in A Cask of Blog indicating he'd like some more serious posts. I thought I'd open it up to discussion here, as one of the cool things about blogs in general is the way comments and such can lead to conversation strings which flow in a different way from forums, where everything's chronological and it's harder to reply to something someone posted five pages back. There are topics I'm not your best bet for as far as coherent answers go - Hypnos is best suited for office-y things, and Apollo for general events, for instance. I can discuss what it's like to be learning the ropes. I can discuss how I, personally, do the job. What sort of focus would you be looking for? I welcome input. I enjoy writing these, but it strikes me that having them be enjoyable and interesting to read would be a good thing, too.

So! Today's question is taken from roughly fifty different petitions, and they usually go: "I noticed that remarkably empty island over there. It's shiny! Why aren't there any buildings on it? Can I be the governor?" This is an entirely understandable question, and one I myself asked as a young cabin person (sort of; I never wanted to be a governor). I'd read the brochure which mentioned exploring the ocean, discovering new islands, and making a name for myself. As far as I had concerned, I'd just discovered this brand-new, empty island, and (uninhabitable tag notwithstanding) it looked very inviting - lots of plants, flowers, a couple of trees, and part of discovery was the right to colonize!

The answer, of course, is that yes, it is shiny! There aren't any buildings on it because nobody lives there yet, and nobody lives there yet because all colonies must be governed. Here is the YPPedia page on blockades to explain how to win an island, and here is the forum thread in which island openings will be announced. Not all islands are open for colonization at all times because there needs to be a balance between the number of pirates, and the number of things to compete for - fresh, unbroken ground is a lovely prize, and worth the time spent in anticipation. The next island openings haven't been announced yet, but I know I'm looking forward to seeing the skilled piracy which will no doubt be required to break that ground.

Next week on QOTW: Suction Cups.


Posted by Donall

I (and from the comments on the forum other "seasoned" pirates also) would like to know more about the reasoning behind strategic decisions by the Ringers.

Things like:

What sort of decision process is used to determine which islands will be opened and when?

Do different oceans have specifically different strategies for island openings?

Why haven't any oceans had any island openings for over a year, when previously island openings happened much more frequently?

Do OMs get involved in these decisions or is it just Cleaver and the ABCs?

May 29, 2008 at 05:50 AM PDT | permalink

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