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Tiny Purple Fishes

The Curse of the Cursed Isles: Day Two

DexlaThis is part 2 of a 5 part blog series. Part one began here. Be sure to also read Day 2 for Gaea, Cronus and Hephaestus! Illustrations provided by our wonderful players.

Where did everybody go?

I can find no sign of my companions after the crash of our vessel yesterday. At this point, I'm more concerned with the loss of basic toiletries, however. I don't know if the inhabitants on the island are at all civilized, but I've not yet managed to locate a privy, which might explain those strange whirlpools.


Sustenance will also become an issue. At least I managed to find something during my swim to shore, and Calamari has always been a favorite of mine. However much I wish it, I can not confine myself to the sea and still manage to explore these strange new surroundings or attempt to locate my companions.

Tomorrow I'll strike forth inland as my presence would surely be noticed if I attempt to circumnavigate the island and leave myself exposed on the open shore. The key here is to attempt to observe the natives, without being myself discovered. Hopefully I can avoid detection until our party can regroup.

Initially the strange fog had me suspecting some level of industrialization here, but that seems far from the case. The only tools I've located are handmade and crude. They are not Pre-oceanic, however. Although limited and primitive, they have achieved seafaring exploration capability, with crude rafts harbored in the shallow coastal inlets. So though I must remain mindful of the First Imperative prohibitions, we're not held to them as tightly as we might have been. If we can establish a hidden observation outpost and disguise ourselves as part of the native group, we can learn a great deal more by those interactions than mere observations.

I also note our vessel was not the first to find itself grounded here, from the wreckage strewn onshore. The natives don't appear to recognize the value of precious metals or stones, if the loot I started collecting off the beaches is any indication. I've managed to make a small stockpile which I've buried for the time being, and noted it's location. I hope to be able to dig it up again and retrieve it before we leave the island. I wish I could have put aside a bit more, but I confess to not feeling quite myself since we first caught sight of the island. I'm sure it's nothing, and I'll feel much better once I locate a source of fresh water...

Our sponsors would like us to let you know that there is an ongoing need for illustrations to go with this mission report, so that Headquarters does not yell at our castaways for their lack of diligence in providing visual documentation of their journey. Information on this can be found in this forum thread, and contributions chosen for inclusion will be rewarded most handsomely. Illustrations for today provided by Dexla and Xeitgeist.


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