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Hera's Blog

Why aren't you writing in your blog yet?

So, there I was minding my own business in game when all of a sudden I received a /tell: ‘Why aren’t you writing in your blog?’ was the question. Only a few minutes before I had received an email from web manager Terri asking me the very same thing. It seems that an empty blog page is a Bad Thing and must be filled! So, here I am to fulfill that request.

To start, here are a few facts about me. I’m one of the newer Oceanmasters and have been around now for four or so months. I’ve played for longer than that; I’m an old salt and have fond memories of rum free days, brigands that didn’t shoot back and having to ram to engage rather than grapple. I’m currently living in New Zealand and am feeling rather glum because of the cold weather. I will grumble if you brag too much about the glorious summer weather you may be currently experiencing but I will also brag back louder come December when I’m enjoying Xmas dinner out in the garden. I’m shockingly bad at battle navigation. Don’t ever ask me to take the helm. Not if you want to get to port with anything left in the hold.

I’m often asked in game what it is like to be an Oceanmaster and what part of the job I like the best. Yes, it is fun to be an Oceanmaster, especially the social aspect of the job. I enjoy chatting on the dock to players, but I also enjoy leaping onto pillages and sea monster hunts. I’ve arrived on some ships where not a soul has recognized me, and I’ve gone on others that have sunk almost as soon as I’ve arrived. I’ve had many /tells from Captains who are worried as to why exactly I’m on board and one memorable voyage where a disconnect meant that I had to sail a vessel back to safety (please refer to paragraph two; those on board probably never knew how lucky we were to get out of Atlantis safely!).

Another question I’m often asked is why aren’t OMs in game socializing more often like they used to at the start of Midnight. The answer to this is we are. Now that there are six oceans, our time needs to be divided up between them all so we don’t seem to be sighted as often as we once were. I’m normally only on duty over the weekend, so if you see me wandering about at other times feel free to send me a /tell. I’m more than happy to chat and take challenges (although my sword fighting and rumble skills are at the same level as my battle navigation skills; see paragraph two).

So, there you go. My blog is no longer a page of nothingness! Huzzah!


Posted by Randompanzy

[quote]I’m more than happy to chat and take challenges (although my sword fighting and rumble skills are at the same level as my battle navigation skills; see paragraph two).[/quote] Hera you shouldnt of said that now ontop of my normal bugging ye i have to swordfight you too whenever i see you on the viridian again :P But WOOT you did post on your blog yay! :D

August 14, 2008 at 10:03 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by Gaea

Now we need to nag Cronus.

August 15, 2008 at 02:33 PM PDT | permalink

Posted by Bisquick

Seeing an entry here makes me feel happy. Do another sometime ;)

August 16, 2008 at 12:36 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by elishaz

I would just like to say that i noticed you are from NZ like me, do you live in the south island or the north? And also I was banned for being to young to play, but my parents don't mind, is there any way to remove my temp ban?(temp ban is until i'm 13, which is 2 years)

August 19, 2008 at 07:31 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by tarhata

Its sooo nice to have somebody like you on board.

And I do so look forward to seeing you anywhere along the wide and some unexplored shores of cobalt seas.

(me hugs~)

August 23, 2008 at 06:52 AM PDT | permalink

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