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Hypnos' Blog

2008! Awaken and Sleipnir no more!

A new year!  Three Rings bursts into full steam today, as our office reopened.  We were down a few folks today who are still wending their way homeward after a good holiday of friends and family, but overall, it was a good kick-start for January.

The first thing that needed to be addressed?  The mail pileup over the last several days.

The next was ending the Reindeer Games winter competition, or as it was called in various petitions that I received over the last few weeks, "compitition", "compotition", "compation", "compinteoin", and "Compataoin".  This end of the competition meant I got to add another nice loser trophy/trinket to my player character's collection.  Does anybody else out there always seem to end up on the dead last team?  Random, my immortal toe.

Third, as it is showing up on the news but isn't always there (it's in random rotation), I'm reminding everybody that the white tigers and winter furniture are going away on the 9th of January, so tell all of your friends, in case they're confused/wondering.

In flickr, we've added another small set of OOO holiday dinner pictures, which was held at the tucked-away and delicious Two restaurant, only a few blocks away from Three Rings.  They are mostly dark as the restaurant was not really the place to be setting off weird bright flashes.  It was delicious and many drinks were consumed.  The Cap'n (who updated his blog) made a small speech.

While we were sitting at dinner chatting away, I also heard a cool story from Peghead about how he got his name.  Years ago, when they were designing Puzzle Pirates and they were trying to determine what would distinguish the NPPs from human player characters, he came up with giving all of the bots big, wooden peg heads!  It would be distinctive and cute!  It didn't make the final cut, and now NPPs all display the two word white names that we see every day, but he still liked the idea, and named his character Peghead in honor of it.  Now you know.

Lastly, to start off the new year, Odin's Burning Fury (and Questions!) posted on the day we have named for him!

This week, the questions I am answering come from Shannal, on Midnight:

Question: How often do all of you actually play the game and puzzle?

Answer: I personally log in around once a day.  While I'm not super active, I work at shoppes (I have grown quite fond of the Ironmongery puzzle) and try to take the time to test out new features, as well as participate in things like competitions.  I'll jump on a pillage or a trade run at least once a week.

For about two to three weeks after Atlantis came out, I was addicted to Puzzle Pirates all over again.  It was great- I was racing home after 8 hours of working on things related to Puzzle Pirates at the office to boot up the laptop and get in an hour or two of turtle bashing, Bellator stabbing fun.  I don't think I'd been that hooked on the game since I discovered tailor racks in 2003.

Question: What's your favourite puzzle?

Answer: Carpentry was the only duty puzzle that I understood for a long time.  I was something like Legendary in it and Distinguished in everything else.  Nowadays I mostly stick to Ironmongery, which is relaxing, and Bilge, because it's very quick to build up to Incredible and I can play it for a few leagues at a time during lunch while I'm checking articles or other things online.

Question: Which puzzle do you despise and which developer do you have a grudge against for creating it? 

Answer: Oh god, the puzzle that gives me the most trouble by far is Alchemistry.  I really, honestly try my best to get a good head of experience in all puzzles and games, because I think that's the only way you'll understand a lot of the petitions that come in from folks asking about the minutae or rules of them, but Alchemistry just evades my comprehension and stands there pointing and laughing at me.  I can fill maybe one bottle at a time.  Those exclamations and terms that people talk about when they talk about doing that puzzle?  Never seen 'em.  I don't think I have once gotten anything above Fine, and it's usually more like Poor.

I don't have a grudge against any developer for the puzzle (I think this puzzle was Red's work, actually, and he was gone before I started to work here.)  I think this is just another example of the developers making really strategic, logical-type puzzle stuff that I am just no good at analyzing and breaking down at all.

Question: Do you wear shoes when at work or do you go around in your sock feet?

: I have been known to pad about in my socks in the office, though it makes me notice how very tall (over 6 feet) a lot of the folks that work here are.

(To submit questions for consideration, please post in this thread in the blog forum!)


Posted by Lorenith

I couldn't help but notice Cephalopod plays pokemon...so are there any other people that play it over at OOO? Cause if that is the case I'd like to get your friend codes and battle you all over the intartubes. :D

January 03, 2008 at 02:03 PM PST | permalink

Posted by Llama

Good to see you're getting good use out of the Pittsburgh Mug.

January 03, 2008 at 03:33 PM PST | permalink

Posted by Shannal, Midnight

YAY! Thanks for answering my questions! I can't wait to hear the answers to some of the other peoples. Although Dakotah's list is somewhat long...

Also, I used to hate Alchemistry myself! Then I watched this hour long movie on it, and I'm good at it now. I think the problem with Alch is that to be very good at it, you need to have patience and sit there for 30-45 minutes doing a single puzzle.

I'm also surprised by how much you play, given that you're immersed in the game all day. But I guess that's a testament to liking your job. (Someday I will like my job, someday!!)

January 03, 2008 at 03:40 PM PST | permalink

Posted by BulletTime

Yeah, one day I decided I wanted #1 Alch, and it was a piece of cake - except that it meant about eight half-hour games a day. I like the game, but MAN am I slow at it.

January 03, 2008 at 07:18 PM PST | permalink

Posted by Hypnos

Hermes also Pokes the Mans, if he's inclined to post his DS code.

The Pittsburgh mugs are AWESOME. I fill them with water like, twice and it's my daily goal of water drinking for the day. My hand also goes all the way through the handle and comes out the other side, so I can wear it on my wrist.

January 03, 2008 at 07:41 PM PST | permalink

Posted by Muffynz

ZOMG, *TWO* entire cupcakes as an option for dessert. I knew this was a big event for you guys but that kinds of extravagance is ridiculous. No wonder this game costs so much to play.

January 04, 2008 at 08:22 AM PST | permalink

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