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Hypnos' Blog

No work and no internet make Hypnos go sleepy

Where is the outside world??!

During the times when the webpages were up, the oceanmasters would have liked to put something up in the blog, but while the blog itself was up, the ability to log in and post was not. Stymied!

Actually, this is reminding me a lot of this day, when I realized how everything having to do with my job involves being online and contacting the interwebs outside of the office.

I can't claim that I'm the most productive party here, since moderating the forums involves sitting and clicking a lot, and I also have an attention span that has me taking breaks to go to the kitchen and get snacks at least once an hour, but it's pretty funky when I can't do much, not even get the office XBOX 360 ready to ship back (broken USB ports) because printing out the shipping label requires outside access.

A bright spot in all of this is that I can focus on writing in the blog. We recently celebrated Bungleton's birthday, for which we had Cakemaster Jess make him a mustache cake, which she followed up with dozens of little mustachioed cupcakes. They were as delicious as they were adorable.

Cephalopod has, in addition to coding Puzzle Pirates, taken to sticking fluid filled golden pigs to the office ceiling.

Peghead, not content with resting on his laurels after creating the chocolate and condensed milk brain seen in the zombie video, concocted champagne jell-o after reading on the white grape jell-o box that it was "The Champagne of Jello" and deciding that was code for "use champagne, but we can't actually say that." While messy in appearance, the ladies of the office swore it was the best treat ever. I also managed to take an artistic shot of the jell-o that made it considerably more attractive looking.

Finally, we received what is quite possibly our most insane gift ever, from our friend the watermelon-loving pirate Rom. Six cartons of sour watermelon candy arrived accompanied by two giant bars of watermelon soap, possibly to wash ourselves off after eating the candy. (Actually it came in quite handy, as the men's restroom ran out of soap and they were using the dish detergent as an alternative.) Our thanks to Rom! People have commented that the candy is "interesting", but it continues to vanish at an alarming rate. I'm starting to suspect that's not sugar coating on the gummies.


Posted by Boom

I personaly loved the cake!
/me goes into the kitchen and raids the cupboard for cake!

September 19, 2008 at 10:12 PM PDT | permalink

Posted by deedeeiam

Find a ladder...zoom in on cute pig!

September 21, 2008 at 02:51 AM PDT | permalink

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