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Hypnos' Blog

Spinning Yarns

Our Captain Cleaver, Daniel James made Beckett Magazine's list of the 20 Most Influential People in MMOs.  Hooray!

The list is stocked with big names from the games industry, including Sanya Weathers of Dark Age of Camelot fame and mistress of GuildCafe, Rob Pardo from Blizzard, and Richard Garriott of NCSoft, to name a few.

When asked for comment, Cap'n Cleaver said,

"I am honoured to be recognised as one of the few influential MMO folks. It's of note that many of my fellows work inside major corporations creating very large and expensive MMORPGs. I'm pleased that Beckett's recognised a few of us who are working outside of the mainstream and moving the ball forward with our independent and quirky ways."

Also, he would like to know why he is not #1.

Not to be outdone, the entrants in A Sailor's Yarn contest made themselves Most Influential Pirates in Bowling Over Judges and Bystanders Alike with their textile entries.  If you have not seen the entries for this contest already, I give a screaming recommendation.  They are amazing.  I also noticed quite a few Viking vessels on the waves for this contest.  Something about the longship seems to inspire scenes of dramatic ocean struggles in all of us!  I'm inspired to put a Puzzle Pirates longship atop Hokusai's 'Great Wave', myself.


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