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Hypnos' Blog

Watermelon Sucker

Another week, another blog post!

The last week went by unusually fast. I don't know if it was the addition of the Technical Issues forum to my daily forum checks, the latest Ice (testing) release (which I didn't really have anything to do with, as the developers here did all of the work), or the arrival of the awesomest lollipop ever. The lollipop is from the ever-generous Rom of Cobalt, creator of the watermelon egg furniture item. I'm not sure whether I can eat it or not. It's too pretty, as well as being amazingly in theme.

In office decoration news, we've outgrown the original letter wall, and the limited wallspace around the corner, so we're now invading the hallway that leads to the office doors. (The snowman ornament, sent in by Camelama of Midnight, is incredibly soft. You can see more pictures of the pirate snowmen in her flickr set.) If we get enough letters up to line the halls, we'll have to add it to the Nautilus tour when folks come by.

On to this week's set of Odin's Burning Questions!

Today's blog questions brought to you by Piplicus, of Midnight:

"What's been the most interesting piece of correspondence from a player you've read?

Have you ever played any office jokes on Cleaver (or any other staff, for that matter), like barricading the secret door shut?"

Answer: I have a very hard time choosing from among the letters, e-mails, and petitions I've received. Working in customer service means that you work with extremes of the spectrum and lots of folks in between, meaning I have dealt with some folks that make me tear at my hair, some that move me so much that I sniffle whenever I think about them, and some that make me laugh every time I think of them. I'll do my best to cite some that I don't feel give out too much personal information.

My favorite banplea e-mail, hands down, encountered to this day is still the one that read in its entirety: "pleas off my bun. my username is *******. very pleas off my bun."

My favorite personal e-mails are ones from players whose lives have somehow been touched by Puzzle Pirates. I have gotten e-mails from married couples who first met and became friends in the game, then fell in love, and in some cases, moved halfway across the world to be with one another. I've gotten a few e-mails from people with medical conditions who find that our game helps them cheer up and to sometimes forget about the pain that they're in.

I also get e-mails from teenagers and young folks who have found that the community here and the Internet in general have expanded their horizons and allowed them to meet many people from different places and befriend them. That always makes me smile, because one of the most amazing things about the Internet to me is its ability to connect us and make the world smaller, and to confront us with our differences (and to ideally teach us to tolerate, or at least not be afraid of them.) I like mixing education in with my entertainment.

It's certainly harder to grind your teeth at the 8th person who spams you with tells begging for a free familiar and 10 million pieces of eight (he won't tell anyone. don't worry. please. please. please. please. please please please. please. please. please. please. plesasepealse. ... SCUPPER OF. i hat u. om.) because he thinks he's the only person to have ever had the brilliant idea to ask an oceanmaster for a secret fortune when you have an enthusiastic letter that came with a money order for some doubloons sitting on your desk.

I've been petitioned everything from gameplay questions to frantic petitions asking me to help find invisible tomato pets. I get lots of invites to come and check out homes that pirates are proud of, and to to come on pillages and Atlantis runs. Now and again, we get winners that we share with one another, usually to figure out what the petitioner is asking and how best to respond, but sometimes because the petitions are just little poems by themselves:

Hi I remeamber that my dad got a call frome the mom of.I think creators of puzzle pirates and she said that her kids where in the basment runing puzzle pirates and umm I was like wundering if like I cud some how work for puzzle pirates

As for practical jokes, I get shot by Cephalopod a lot. That's about it.

Keep 'em coming, folks!


Posted by Shannal, Midnight

I dunno. I quite like the "I am an egyptian police officer" ban plea sitting in the forums right now. Hehehehehe.

January 10, 2008 at 10:53 PM PST | permalink

Posted by Hypnos

Oh man, I forgot about that one. He should have gone with Nigerian businessman.

January 12, 2008 at 12:18 AM PST | permalink

Posted by Rom

"As for practical jokes, I get shot by Cephalopod a lot."

I thought *you* were the one doing the shooting?

January 25, 2008 at 04:15 AM PST | permalink

Posted by b2b jerseys

You do me a big favour.Thanks very much.

June 04, 2012 at 07:52 AM PDT | permalink

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