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The Spyglass

A Haunting Harvest!

Seasonal trinkets, clothing and furniture can be found in every corner of the ocean this autumn season. Visit the Palace Shoppe to find returning seasonal trinkets such as Pumpkin Pie and Pocket Cornucopia, along with new trinkets created by players. Candy Corn anyone? Trick or Treat with fellow pirates wearing masks, top hats and vampire raiment. Don’t forget to grab your very own limited edition Blood Tiger pet!

Furnishers have seasonal furniture available for sale. Decorate your ships with skelly chests, cannons, helms and figureheads. New this year from the limited edition Skelly Class War Brig, the Skelly sword rack and Skelly council chair are available for purchase. Stock up on decorative furniture including pumpkins, jack o’ lanterns, scarecrows, and bushels of apples.

Enjoy the season on land and by sea, but don’t delay! These items are only available until November 3rd!

These bones were made for Sailin'

A macabre construction of skull and bone, the Skelly Class War Brig is not a bare-bones ship. The vessel designers spared no ribs to make this fit for a skeleton king! Gilded armor and fancy chairs adorn this spooky ship, because even the undead enjoy style and comfort. The captain’s quarters feature a skeletal pipe organ, harpsichord and harp to create just the right tune for yer haunted voyage.

New Golden Skelly Armor stand guard throughout the ship. Skelly candelabra and sword racks are handily distributed to create just the right balance of ambiance and utility.

The quarterdeck features a set of chairs with easy access to the ship’s navigation wheel. Looks like this mate spent a bit too much time on the Roister Ship last month. He asks for whom the bell tolls? It tolls for thee, party pirate.

Below deck, a skelly throne allows you to chart your course and oversee the council table. Judging by these participants, this is not likely to be a lively discussion. Pirates will be able to access all parlor games through the council table in order to ease the wait while Ex-Walter decides his next move.

Unlike these guys, you don’t have all eternity to just sit around. Visit yer local shipyard today, because the Skelly Class War Brig is only available until November 11th!

Monster Mayhem!

Let the ghoul times roll

Mayhem and mischief are increasing on the oceans! Zombie and Skellie hordes are appearing with increased frequency. As if the mobs of undead were not enough, cursed werewolves are wandering about ahead of this month’s full moon! Grab the nearest weapon ye can and band together to defeat this blight! Courageous pirates will find these monsters relinquish larger prizes when defeated.

This havoc is not limited to land. The oceans have turned blood red and zombies and skellies have infested barbarian and brigand ships! These vessels have increased treasure for those pirate brave enough to face and defeat this scourge.

For ye pirates who like to create a little mayhem of yer own, zombie, skelly and werewolf transformation amulets will be available from the Palace Shoppe. This pandemonium will end October 15 at 1PM PDT.

Gold Box Bonanza

Oooooh, shiny!

This month’s Gold Box contains a blaze of bright bounty that will complement the sparkle of any pirate’s horde. In addition to the tantalizing Toucan familiar and the shiny Sea Turtle pet, the Department o’ the Treasury has added several new radiant rewards which are sure to catch yer eye. Look for glimmering gold Hedgehog and Seal pets, and four new furniture items in October’s boxes!

For that Gold Box collection needing a touch of color, you may find Violet Volumizer hair dye, and captivating chocolate trinkets and Chroma. New to this box - persimmon is now included, and can appear as a color for trinkets, furniture and clothing.

If ye find yer pockets overflowing with the golden trinkets, they can be redeemed for awe-inspiring prizes at any Trading Post.

Gold boxes will only be available until October 14 at 3 PM PDT. You can find the full list of available prizes, right here.

Weekend Event: Deadly Lairs

The cries of pirates echoed through the heavens as they battled in the Deadly Lairs of Loot. Alas, the furor of the monsters far exceeded the lowly treasure they protected and the sounds of combat turned to despair. Now, the sea monsters are again agitated, but this time, the rewards they offer promise to make it worth the risk.*

Brave any of the deadly sea monster lairs this weekend and face additional challenges with increased rewards! Could it be a celestial event has caused the monsters to berserk, or is there some dark, more sinister power at work here? Brave voyagers on their way to Atlantean Outposts, the Cursed Isles, and the Haunted Seas can anticipate a number of changes this weekend:

  • Treasure chests will be more numerous in Atlantis and Haunted Seas.
  • There will be more time to forage in Cursed Isles.
  • Atlantean citadels appear slightly more frequently, while Haunted Seas graveyards are much more common.
  • All treasure haul sites will naturally dissipate at a slower rate.
  • Dragoons and phantasms will board player vessels in Atlantis and Haunted Seas at an increased rate.
  • Cultists in Cursed Isles will attack foragers in greater numbers.
  • Injuries from sinking are twice as likely to occur! This also applies outside of sea monster lairs.

The Deadly Lairs event will be active from September 27th at 1 PM PDT until September 30th at 1 PM PDT. If you're on a Doubloon Ocean, you will need a bravery badge. Pirates on Cerulean will need to have a subscription to participate.

Once more unto the breach, me hearties!

*We did hear your feedback about the Deadly Lairs of Loot event from last month, and settings have been adjusted. Feedback and comments may be left in this thread.

Blood, Sweat and Tigers

The Department o’ Lost Treasures has located the Blood Tiger in a strange, distant land. Put together a crew and get to work gatherin' yer Eights so you can take one home today! Don't fret, as you have until the end of October before the feline is gone! Rumors are circulating that these sanguineous beasts are a harbinger of tricky times ahead. If true, ye pirates can look forward to a nice treat!

Appropriate theme music: Eye of the Blood Tiger

The Palace Shoppe has reached maximum capacity, so the Department o’ the Treasury is reducing prices on select pets. Take advantage of this opportunity to have your very own elephant to hug and squeeze and call George.

During this sale the following pets are discounted:

  • Elephants
  • Big Cats
  • Seals

The Palace pets will be discounted until October 2, 11 AM PDT and Blood Tigers will be available until November 1.

Event: Brigand Frenzy

Sharpen the swords and be sure ye have extra cannon balls in the hold. The brigands are in a frenzy!

  • Brigands and barbarians have extra booty. Payouts are higher, if you can defeat them!
  • Hoping for a fantastic haul of smuggled goods, brigands are increasingly attracted to islands with Black Markets.
  • Maps to sea monster lairs are more common to find when pillaging.
  • The chance for triggering an expedition while pillaging has been increased. The brigands are being a bit careless with their scraps of paper.
  • The Brigand Kings are more actively roaming the oceans. Expeditions to track them down are more common.
  • With news of increased pirates on the seas, merchant brigands are wary to leave port. While there are fewer of them sailing, merchant brigands who venture out are loading up larger vessels.

This Brigand Frenzy event will be active from September 20th at 11 AM PDT until September 24th at 11 AM PDT. Plenty of time to take a little extra from those pesky brigands. If you have any feedback, or suggestions for future weekend events, please let us know!

Party on the Seas!

Avast ye scallywags! If ye find yerself always under the heel of the Imperial authority when yer evening becomes too boisterous, this month’s Limited Edition ship is perfect for any rowdy freedom-loving pirate. Swagger over to yer local shipyard, and let’s get this parrrrty started!

The Roister Class Sloop will let ye and yer hearties carouse the night away! Even while manning a station, yer pirate won’t be far from the rum keg.

The captain’s cabin has private reserve rum taps to ensure the rum is never gone* as ye chart a course for good times. The captain also has access to a private reserve of swords and knives thoughtfully pinned across the walls and tables. Watch where ye lean!

For pirates who enjoy a good wager, roulette and craps tables are below deck, with easy access to food and drink. And, if the captain needs a few scurvy dogs to man the bilge pump or swing a hammer, duty stations are within easy reach.

This ship is built for “multitasking”--the navigator will find everything close at hand (or hook) for an uproarious, fun pillage – cards, beverages, and for those quick maneuvers to avoid crashing into the rocks, a golden helm. A party everyone will talk about for years to come – if they remember what happened!

With a sword in one hand and a mug in the other, what could go wrong? The Roister Class Sloop will only be available in Shipyards through October 15, 2013.

*Unless ye forget to stock the ship before leaving port. Then you’ll have a mutiny to deal with, which can be as tumultuous as a good parrrrty.

Open Secrets

Worth a thousand whispers...

For a limited time, pirates may have their portraits painted with backgrounds that feature secretive Black Market locations. Additionally, all Black Box trinkets may now be held in portraits!

Accomplished artists from the Puzzle Pirates community have made available a series of limited edition portrait backgrounds themed around the infamous Black Markets. Visit a portrait easel between now and November 1st to browse these limited edition backgrounds!

Proprietors of the Black Market have deemed pictorial representations of all twenty-five Black Box trinkets to be acceptable. Ye may now show off yer collection of Black Box trinkets without worry of repercussions from those shadowy agents!

Event: Expedition Rally!

Rally once more to defeat Viking raiders, to unsettle Imperial fortifications, and to gather more treasure! During this event, expeditions will be easier to come by and they will yield extra loot for victorious pirates.

  • Expedition maps are twice as common to come across while pillaging!
  • Imperial soldiers will be carrying heavy coin purses, and their patrol vessels in sinking engagements have been stocked with heaps of extra supplies.
  • Viking raiders have been more successful recently, and are carelessly carrying more of their plunder around with them.
  • Buried pirate booty overflows with extra pieces of eight.

To support these excursions, Explorers' Halls across the seas have their cartographers and scouts working day and night to produce additional Viking raid and Imperial outpost maps for sale. Visit your nearest Explorers' Hall. Expedition maps may also be found inside some Black Boxes.

There are baubles and trinkets to be won at both the Imperial outposts and Viking raids, but only for those who own a subscription on Cerulean or those who possess a rank badge on doubloon oceans. This Expedition Rally event will be active from September 13th at 3 PM PDT until September 18th at 3 PM PDT. Plenty of time to bloody some Imperial noses!

Fair winds and good hunting!

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