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The Spyglass

Report for Duty - Testing on Ice Ocean!

Maties! Starting November 14th, we will be looking for your feedback on the game’s new user interface. Tablet users of Puzzle Pirates will recognize this UI. The developers have been working hard to bring the new UI to the desktop version of the game.

To access this alpha phase of testing, you will need to download and install a special Ice Ocean client to your computer. A link to the client download and further information about this testing can be found here. Please note that during this phase of testing, access is restricted to current subscribers or players who have purchased at least 24 doubloons in the last 30 days.

Please post feedback in the Ice Discussion section of the forums. Be sure to check the "Puzzle Pirates X" sticky at the top for feedback guidelines. This is an alpha test for the new UI, meaning it is still in early development and further changes will be made. The developers want to hear your feedback and observations of the new UI and its performance.

Once you've spent some time with the new UI, please fill out our feedback survey before November 21.

Critics are Raven about the Wine Mystery Box!

It has a lovely bouquet!

This year, the Puzzle Pirates Vineyard has produced a full-bodied vintage that you will find complements any type of sea voyage or activity ashore. This irresistible box starts with a crisp new Wine Raven and also includes delicate perfumes of elephant, octopus and behatted monkey. The discerning pirate palate will also find hints of Wine-painted War Frigates, Junks and Sloops. The 2013 vintage has been aged in the musty basement of the palace in order include well-rounded nuances of limited-edition Wine Furniture and medium-bodied Wine Trinkets. The finish for the Wine Box is described as smoky with an aftertaste of Wine Chroma.

For more information about the full contents of the 2013 Wine Mystery Box, as well as the official rules, please click here. This vintage has a very limited release, so don’t delay and pick up a case today!

From now until 3:00 PM PST on November 18th, 2013, you'll earn a free Wine Mystery Box for every $9.99 you spend on doubloons or every month of subscription time you purchase!

Sweet Punkin' Pails


Sweeten yer candy trinket stash with a Punkin’ Pail! For every $2.99 spent, receive one prize purse which contains Pieces of Eight as well as a Sugar tARRRRt trinket for this year's Trick ARRR Trinket event. Yer Punkin' Pail may contain between 400 to 4,000 PoE, with a chance of finding 100,000 PoE!

Unopened Punkin’ Pails can be held in portraits so restrain yerself before opening!

Don't fall into a sugar coma, because the Punkin' Pail is only available until 3:00 PM PST on November 4th! Click here for the official rules.

Trick ARRR Trinket!

Scary how cute they are!

This Halloween season be sure to plunder Sea Monster Lairs and waylay any Brigand Kings ye find. Lucky pirates may be awarded candy trinkets! Adventurous pirates who visit the Sea Monster Lairs may find more monsters, but may also find more treasure!

Once ye have a nice pile o’ sweets, head over to the Trading Post. Five trinkets can be exchanged for new monster dolls! Hold a goblin, vampire or Frankenstein’s monster doll in a portrait to immortalize yer holiday exploits. If ye have any stale candy tucked away from the event last year, the Trading Post won’t know the difference.

Once ye have yer fill of sweetened treats and expanded yer monster doll collection, use the sugar rush to beat back the hordes of skellies, zombies and werewolves that assail the land!

Don’t stumble like a skellie, because these haunted festivities will only be available until November 4th!

A Haunting Harvest!

Seasonal trinkets, clothing and furniture can be found in every corner of the ocean this autumn season. Visit the Palace Shoppe to find returning seasonal trinkets such as Pumpkin Pie and Pocket Cornucopia, along with new trinkets created by players. Candy Corn anyone? Trick or Treat with fellow pirates wearing masks, top hats and vampire raiment. Don’t forget to grab your very own limited edition Blood Tiger pet!

Furnishers have seasonal furniture available for sale. Decorate your ships with skelly chests, cannons, helms and figureheads. New this year from the limited edition Skelly Class War Brig, the Skelly sword rack and Skelly council chair are available for purchase. Stock up on decorative furniture including pumpkins, jack o’ lanterns, scarecrows, and bushels of apples.

Enjoy the season on land and by sea, but don’t delay! These items are only available until November 3rd!

These bones were made for Sailin'

A macabre construction of skull and bone, the Skelly Class War Brig is not a bare-bones ship. The vessel designers spared no ribs to make this fit for a skeleton king! Gilded armor and fancy chairs adorn this spooky ship, because even the undead enjoy style and comfort. The captain’s quarters feature a skeletal pipe organ, harpsichord and harp to create just the right tune for yer haunted voyage.

New Golden Skelly Armor stand guard throughout the ship. Skelly candelabra and sword racks are handily distributed to create just the right balance of ambiance and utility.

The quarterdeck features a set of chairs with easy access to the ship’s navigation wheel. Looks like this mate spent a bit too much time on the Roister Ship last month. He asks for whom the bell tolls? It tolls for thee, party pirate.

Below deck, a skelly throne allows you to chart your course and oversee the council table. Judging by these participants, this is not likely to be a lively discussion. Pirates will be able to access all parlor games through the council table in order to ease the wait while Ex-Walter decides his next move.

Unlike these guys, you don’t have all eternity to just sit around. Visit yer local shipyard today, because the Skelly Class War Brig is only available until November 11th!

Monster Mayhem!

Let the ghoul times roll

Mayhem and mischief are increasing on the oceans! Zombie and Skellie hordes are appearing with increased frequency. As if the mobs of undead were not enough, cursed werewolves are wandering about ahead of this month’s full moon! Grab the nearest weapon ye can and band together to defeat this blight! Courageous pirates will find these monsters relinquish larger prizes when defeated.

This havoc is not limited to land. The oceans have turned blood red and zombies and skellies have infested barbarian and brigand ships! These vessels have increased treasure for those pirate brave enough to face and defeat this scourge.

For ye pirates who like to create a little mayhem of yer own, zombie, skelly and werewolf transformation amulets will be available from the Palace Shoppe. This pandemonium will end October 15 at 1PM PDT.

Gold Box Bonanza

Oooooh, shiny!

This month’s Gold Box contains a blaze of bright bounty that will complement the sparkle of any pirate’s horde. In addition to the tantalizing Toucan familiar and the shiny Sea Turtle pet, the Department o’ the Treasury has added several new radiant rewards which are sure to catch yer eye. Look for glimmering gold Hedgehog and Seal pets, and four new furniture items in October’s boxes!

For that Gold Box collection needing a touch of color, you may find Violet Volumizer hair dye, and captivating chocolate trinkets and Chroma. New to this box - persimmon is now included, and can appear as a color for trinkets, furniture and clothing.

If ye find yer pockets overflowing with the golden trinkets, they can be redeemed for awe-inspiring prizes at any Trading Post.

Gold boxes will only be available until October 14 at 3 PM PDT. You can find the full list of available prizes, right here.

Weekend Event: Deadly Lairs

The cries of pirates echoed through the heavens as they battled in the Deadly Lairs of Loot. Alas, the furor of the monsters far exceeded the lowly treasure they protected and the sounds of combat turned to despair. Now, the sea monsters are again agitated, but this time, the rewards they offer promise to make it worth the risk.*

Brave any of the deadly sea monster lairs this weekend and face additional challenges with increased rewards! Could it be a celestial event has caused the monsters to berserk, or is there some dark, more sinister power at work here? Brave voyagers on their way to Atlantean Outposts, the Cursed Isles, and the Haunted Seas can anticipate a number of changes this weekend:

  • Treasure chests will be more numerous in Atlantis and Haunted Seas.
  • There will be more time to forage in Cursed Isles.
  • Atlantean citadels appear slightly more frequently, while Haunted Seas graveyards are much more common.
  • All treasure haul sites will naturally dissipate at a slower rate.
  • Dragoons and phantasms will board player vessels in Atlantis and Haunted Seas at an increased rate.
  • Cultists in Cursed Isles will attack foragers in greater numbers.
  • Injuries from sinking are twice as likely to occur! This also applies outside of sea monster lairs.

The Deadly Lairs event will be active from September 27th at 1 PM PDT until September 30th at 1 PM PDT. If you're on a Doubloon Ocean, you will need a bravery badge. Pirates on Cerulean will need to have a subscription to participate.

Once more unto the breach, me hearties!

*We did hear your feedback about the Deadly Lairs of Loot event from last month, and settings have been adjusted. Feedback and comments may be left in this thread.

Blood, Sweat and Tigers

The Department o’ Lost Treasures has located the Blood Tiger in a strange, distant land. Put together a crew and get to work gatherin' yer Eights so you can take one home today! Don't fret, as you have until the end of October before the feline is gone! Rumors are circulating that these sanguineous beasts are a harbinger of tricky times ahead. If true, ye pirates can look forward to a nice treat!

Appropriate theme music: Eye of the Blood Tiger

The Palace Shoppe has reached maximum capacity, so the Department o’ the Treasury is reducing prices on select pets. Take advantage of this opportunity to have your very own elephant to hug and squeeze and call George.

During this sale the following pets are discounted:

  • Elephants
  • Big Cats
  • Seals

The Palace pets will be discounted until October 2, 11 AM PDT and Blood Tigers will be available until November 1.

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