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The Spyglass

Return of the Chocolate Box!

Melts on your shoulder, not in your hands!

The Chocolate Box is back with a new selection of prizes to be found inside! Chomp into its gooey center to discover fashion-conscious monkeys sporting tricorne hats, hedgehog pets, rare choco shakos, and more!

From now until 3:00 PM PDT on September 20th, 2013, you'll earn a free Chocolate Mystery Box for every $9.99 you spend on doubloons or every month of subscription time you purchase! That's 3 Mystery Boxes for purchasing a quarterly subscription, 5 Mystery Boxes for purchasing a $49.99 package, or even more!

Featuring the seasonal color Chocolate, this month's Mystery Box features a new Chocolate Monkey Familiar with Tricorne Hat, an adorable (and possibly delicious) Chocolate Hedgehog Pet, as well as a limited edition Chocolate Shako! Delightful new Chocolate furniture pieces to collect include Chocolate and Gold manticore tails, Chocolate and Tan viking beds, and Chocolate counting tables!

Treat yourself by breaking open a Chocolate Mystery Box right now! For a full list of available prizes and other more detailed info, the official rules can be found here.

Update: Chocolate Box availability extended to 9/20.

Good luck, mateys!

Landlubbin' Property Sale!

UPDATE: The property sale has been extended! It will now end on Tuesday, September 10th, at 3 PM PDT.

Been meaning to expand out of your shack and move into accommodations befitting your refined tastes as a savvy buccaneer? Perhaps you're looking for a home away from home? Maybe you just want somewhere else to store all your cursed and haunted furniture? Nobody is sure of the mischief those things get into when you're not around.

From now until September 10th at 3 PM PDT, select private pirate dwellings and all shared pirate halls will be discounted in price! Pirate row houses and above will be discounted from 10% to 20% off and pirate halls will see a full 20% discount across all size categories! This applies to both the cost in pieces of eight as well as the doubloon fee on doubloon oceans.

Home is where the pilfered goods are stored.

Save 10%

  • Row Houses
  • Townhouses
  • Manors
  • Villas

Save 20%

  • Mansions
  • Estates
  • Pirate Halls (both crew and flag)

Remember: these piratical domiciles will return to their normal prices at September 10th at 3 PM PDT. So head to your ideal destination, ignore the spots of fire damage, and try not to scrutinize the sinking foundation... these deals are just too good to pass up!

Weekend Event: Deadly Lairs of Loot!

The seas froth and roil with ancient, otherworldly evils! They also froth and roil with extra treasure... oh, and effervescent antacids! Those cause some distinct frothing and a little bit of roil.

Brave any of the deadly sea monster lairs this weekend and face additional challenges with increased rewards! Perhaps these entities have formed a vile pact of mutual malevolence, or maybe the stars have aligned just so... or maybe it doesn't matter! Brave voyagers on their way to Atlantean Outposts, the Cursed Isles, and the Haunted Seas can anticipate a number of changes this weekend:

  • Treasure chests retrieved from Atlantis, Cursed Isles, and Haunted Seas come packed with more loot!
  • Atlantean citadels appear slightly more frequently, while Haunted Seas graveyards are much more common.
  • Atlantean treasure haul sites are repopulated at an increased rate.
  • Defeating ghost ships in Haunted Seas will yield slightly more coin to haul up.
  • All treasure haul sites will naturally dissipate at a slower rate.
  • Dragoons and phantasms will board player vessels in Atlantis and Haunted Seas at an increased rate.
  • Cultists in Cursed Isles will attack foragers in greater numbers.
  • Injuries from sinking are twice as likely to occur! This also applies outside of sea monster lairs.

The Deadly Lairs of Loot event will be active from August 23th at 12 PM PDT until August 26th at 12 PM PDT. If you're on a Doubloon Ocean, remember to wear your bravery badge. Pirates on Cerulean will need to own a subscription to participate. Discussion about weekend events can be had right over here.

Stay brave, me hearties!

Prize Purses!

Can I get yer interest in a heap of never-before-opened Imperial navy prize purses? They fell off the back of a merchant vessel bearing Imperial flags. Of course, lot's of things fall off the back of a vessel when you blast the rest of it to Davy Jones...

Starting at 4:00 PM on August 21st, you will receive one FREE red Prize Purse for every $2.50 spent on doubloons or any purchase of subscription time! Prize Purses are loaded with Pieces of Eight, a mysterious and powerful force of motivation and delight for all pirates! See here for official Prize Purse details.

So treat yerself, cross a mate's palm with a bit o' silver, or just pose with yer loot in a new portrait! Prize Purses will be available with purchases until 4:00 PM PDT on August 26th.

Familiar Giveaway!

During the 5-day period of August 22nd to August 26th, we will be running a limited familiar giveaway!

All players logging on between 12:00 AM PDT on August 22nd and 11:59 PM PDT on August 26th will be eligible to win a familiar in a daily draw. During each event day, we will have three separate draws: one for an octopus, one for a parrot, and one for a monkey familiar.

Below is a complete list of prize familiars for each day of the event.

  • Thursday, August 22nd: Violet Octopus, Red/Green Parrot, Copper Monkey
  • Friday, August 23rd: Maroon Octopus, Lime/Blue Parrot, Almond Monkey
  • Saturday, August 24th: Blue Octopus, Rose/Peach Parrot, Brown Monkey
  • Sunday, August 25th: Grey Octopus, Yellow/Light Green Parrot, Red Monkey
  • Monday, August 26th: Mint Octopus, Purple/White Parrot, Yellow Monkey

Simply logging in during each daily period is all that is required to register your account for the familiar drawing taking place during that 24-hour period. You are encouraged to say "Yarr!" but it is not absolutely required, nor will it help your odds.

Players are invited to participate on every day of the event.

Daily drawings will be pulled at random based on player logs from that 24-hour period. No additional registration is required, just log in to enter your account into that day's drawing!

Accounts selected to receive a prize familiar will find their friendly critter safely tucked away in the inventory of the last pirate to be used on that account. A congratulatory message will also be left for the pirate, indicating that they have won.

Familiar winners will be announced on the business day following each draw period (the 24-hour window). This means nine weekend winners will be announced on Monday, August 26th.

Appropriate steps will be taken to exclude new accounts created exclusively for the purpose of participating in this event.

Have fun puzzling!


Weekend Event: Even More Brigand Frenzy!

If ye like to pillage, then put on yer sea legs: we're running another Brigand Frenzy!

There's a bounty of bonus loot to be had this weekend! Pillaging rewards have been increased, expeditions and rare maps are easier to come by, and those pesky pirate primates are out and about in greater numbers!

  • Brigands and barbarians are packing extra coin! Shake down as many as you can!
  • The chance for triggering an expedition while pillaging has been increased. Dead men tell no tales, but defeated brigands can't keep their gobs shut.
  • Brigands have become increasingly attracted to islands with Black Markets.
  • Maps to sea monster lairs are more common to find when pillaging.
  • Merchant brigands are loading up larger vessels in false hopes of keeping those swashbuckling simians away.

This Brigand Frenzy event will be active from August 16th at 11 AM PDT until August 19th at 1 PM PDT. Whether you seek them out or simply encounter them as an obstacle on your way to greater fortunes, there will be a little something extra in it for you this weekend! Discussion for weekend event can be had right over here.

Happy hunting!

Weekend Event: Open Markets!

Haul in yer hoards of exotic fruits and scintillating gemstones for extra profit this weekend! A convergence of clerical errors and convenient coincidences presents traders, or opportunistic pirates, with the perfect weekend to make a tidy profit. Island markets are buying fruit at increased prices, gemstone thieves are less active, and merchant brigands are taking extended voyages with extra fruit! The eye-watering aroma of durian wafts across the seas.

  • Markets are paying anywhere from 33% to 50% more for fruit.
  • Gem thieves are less active, so large quantities of gems are more likely to make it through a voyage.
  • Merchant brigands are operating at an increased rate and shipping their goods to distant destinations. Their attraction to trading posts has increased.
  • Merchant brigands will also carry more fruit on average.
  • Compelled by an abundance of fruit, encounters with the mischievous Monkey Boat are more common.
  • On doubloon oceans, the doubloon fee for opening stalls has been slashed in half. Grab a labor badge with the doubloons you'll save!

The Open Markets event will be active from August 9th at 11 AM PDT until August 12th at 10 AM PDT. Island markets will continue to buy fruit at increased prices from August 9th at 4 AM PDT until August 13th at 4 AM PDT. The markets are run by a dedicated and stubborn lot.

No holds are barred in this weekend event, so post some generous jobbing offers and stuff your hold with precious perishables. Pirates with rummaging-related allergies may elect to take the indirect approach, but they should be cautious of those plundering primates. If you have any feedback on this event, feel free to offer it up on our forums.

Good fortunes, mateys!

Weekend Event: Expedition Rally!

Prepare to embark on a campaign against unwelcome Imperials outposts and uncouth Viking raiding parties! During this weekend event, all expeditions will yield extra shares of loot for victorious pirates. A silent, shadowy emissary from the Smuggler's Guild has has delivered a parchment with details:

  • Imperial soldiers will be carrying heavy coin purses, and their patrol vessels in sinking engagements have received supplementary supplies.
  • Viking raiders have been more successful recently, and are carelessly carrying more of their plunder around with them.
  • Recently shipwrecked vessels have coincidentally all been carrying taxation payments destined for Imperial coffers.
  • Buried pirate booty overflows with extra pieces of eight. The source is unclear.

To support these excursions, Explorers' Halls across the seas have their cartographers and scouts working day and night to produce additional Viking raid and Imperial outpost maps for sale. Visit your nearest Explorers' Hall

There are rare trinkets to be won at both the Imperial outposts and Viking raids, but only for those who own a subscription on Cerulean or those who possess a rank badge on doubloon oceans. The Expedition Rally event will be active from August 2nd at 3 PM PDT until August 5th at 3 PM PDT. That should be plenty of time to give them a good wallop!

Coming later in August: a weekend event during the 8/9 - 8/12 period promoting foraging and trade, and a weekend event during the 8/23 - 8/26 period where sea monster lairs become both more deadly and more profitable! We will share details as those dates approach.

Fair winds and good hunting!

Golden Glint and Glimmer

Behold this gleaming cube.

Just in time for the waning rays of summer shine, the Gold Box is back in stock at your local banks!

Lay down your shovels, fold up your maps, and take it easy as this bountiful box of treasure lines your pockets with riches that can't be found in any buried boxes. This new shipment of Gold Boxes offers the chance to win Toucan familiars with new colors (Orange/Red, Light Blue/Violet, Plum/Lime), an emerald Sea Turtle, and a trove of gilded loot ranging from furniture to trinkets.

Gold Box supplies will only last until August 12th, so get them while they last and enjoy the end of summer! For a full list of available prizes, the official rules can be found right here.

Good luck!

Weekend Event: Brigand Frenzy!

Weigh anchor, grab a belaying pin or yer favorite blade, and give chase to those tyrants and ruffians o' the high seas! During this weekend event, brigands and barbarians will have deeper pockets, merchant ships will carry more booty, and the nefarious Brigand Kings will be more active on the trade lanes, likely offering trinkets as ransom for their release! Those mysterious marauding monkeys may also be a tad more inclined to show their fruit-craving mugs, too...

If ye be needin' a new rank badge, good news: for the duration of the event, we'll be running a 15% bonus on all doubloon packages priced at $9.99 and up. With the Plum Mystery Box also available, we've little doubt ye'll want to be sinkin' yer hooks into these abundant treasures! Cerulean pirates, sailing on doubloon-free waters, can expect an even bigger bonus from brigand and barbarian payouts.

The Brigand Frenzy Event and the 15% doubloon bonus will both run from July 19th at 3 PM PDT through July 22nd at 3 PM PDT. So fill yer hold with rum and shot, cram yer gob with ship's biscuit, and deliver a measure of ruckus to those scallywags who sully the names of gentlemen and lady corsairs across the seas!

If ye be a landlubber, or just happen to be servin' out an inconvenient sentence in an Imperial jail cell, we'll be running more weekend events in the coming weeks. Keep yer eyes on the Spyglass for more announcements and feel free to offer up feedback on the forums.

Fair winds and good hunting!

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