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The Spyglass

The Great iPad Giveaway

WINNERS have now been announced! Thanks to all who participated!

Puzzle Pirates on tablets is speeding towards her final port!

Fingers required.

To celebrate the imminent arrival of our tablet-friendly version, we're giving away one free iPad daily to eligible* players from June 10th through June 19th. That's a total of 10 iPads that will be given away to our swashbuckling community! We will select one winner per day based on a random drawing, after which the entry list will be reset and you may enter again. In order to enter yourself into each daily drawing, simply log in and follow the instructions posted on the notice board.

Please note that we will be resetting entries daily after each drawing. You may view the official rules for this giveaway here.

Good luck, mateys!

*Eligibility for physical prizes is limited to US and Canadian residents (excluding Quebec). As much as we would love include all of our international players, the giveaway rules are bound by arcane wizardry that cannot be undone.

Strike Gold!

We promise this isn't pyrite, no matter how appropriate that may actually be.

Hear ye, hear ye! Gold Boxes are back in supply around the seven seas! To those of you living in the eighth, ninth, and tenth seas: the Department o' the Treasure is still busily playing the Distribution Rights puzzle for those areas.

June's Gold Box features a new assortment of colors for the Toucan familiar and a brilliant ruby Sea Turtle pet, in addition to the traditional lineup of golden goodies. Remember that Gold Box trinkets can be traded in at your local Trading Post for further prizes!

From now until 3:00 PM PDT on June 17th, 2013, Gold Boxes will be available from your local bank! For a full list of available prizes, the official rules can be found right here. Good luck!

It's a Trap!


Operating under a shroud of deception and feints, fleets of smuggling ships have silently filled the ocean's Black Markets with brand new Series 4 Black Boxes! These new boxes reportedly contain a bizarre bundle of Smuggler and Vampire furniture along with a number of varied and shadowy Sea Turtle pets.

Rumors are spreading that some of these boxes containing deadly Booby Traps! There's a chance you could lose an eye, a hand, or a leg when opening one of these new Black Boxes, so be warned!

But perhaps that's right up your alley? In any case, creep on over to your local Black Market to engage in some dubious dealings! If you've simply got to know what's inside, you can take a look at the full list of contents right here.

Last o' the Unicorns?

Shadowy agents of the Black Market want everyone to know that it has become prohibitively difficult for them to stock the Series 3 Black Box with black and shadow unicorns. The following is copied from a note that I found pinned above my bed with a bloody dagger:

Series 3 Black Box supplies to expire on May 1st.
Last chance to buy remaining black and shadow unicorns.

Blood is fake.
This time.
Kidding--black humor.
There I go rambling.
Maybe why they took my tongue.
Let me know if you find it in a box sometime.

Loose-lipped Lawrence, formerly Chatty Lawrence

Gold Box Refresh!

Blow the gilded loot trumpets, the Department o' the Treasure has dispatched its heavy-laden fleet of restocking vessels with a brand new series of Gold Boxes!

Toucans and Sea Turtles can be medically prescribed to cure pirate depression.

The Department's famed bushwhackers have been researching techniques that allow them to cram these sparkling new boxes with two new species of pirate-friendly critters: the Toucan and the Sea Turtle! The Toucan is an exotic bird with a colorful bill and, when tame, is quite content to perch on a pirate's shoulder. In contrast, tamers have been unable to coax the Sea Turtle into perching on pirate pauldrons, but these gentle grazers are more than brave enough to flip-flop alongside for your swashbuckling endeavours!

Talented goldsmiths have also been hard at work crafting a glittering showcase of new trinkets to fill out the assortment of ornaments already found in these glorious Gold Boxes! Freshly gilded pins, goblets, and other such novelties are now available to collect, trade, and pose with, much to the envy of your glint-aware bird friends.

Bankers across the seas will be carrying these new Gold Boxes until April 15th, 3 PM PDT, when the Department o' Scryin' tell us these new boxes will be exhausted! For a full list of Gold Box rewards and a breakdown of prize distribution, click here.

The Department o' the Treasure has been made aware of something called "ecological collapse" and has henceforth been instructed by the Department o' Public Relations to stop taming dragons and unicorns--which coincides with the Department o' Suspicious Coincidences being unable to locate more of these creatures, so I suppose this arrangement works out just fine for everybody. Information leading to the Department o' the Treasure's previous conclusion that these creatures had simply entered into a long period of hibernation has proven to be false. The Department o' the Treasure would like to apologize if its actions have in any way caused extinction-level damage to these noble populations. It would be a shame if future generations only knew of them by legend and myth!

Codename: B.A.R.R.E.L.

Throughout history, there have been moments when a barrel of rum has altered our understanding of great pillaging.

Our B.A.R.R.E.L. project has been designed to re-invent the barrel as a new, powerful platform for lawless terror on the high seas.

B.A.R.R.E.L. owners will be presented with a choice – a select choice – to enjoy a style of pillaging that is a rarely offered today. It's a choice that opens the doors to a world of exclusivity and personalization that is unique in pillaging. In a B.A.R.R.E.L. you will experience things that have become lost to other pirates: a world of unparalleled craftsmanship and refinement; a world of ever increasing choice and comfort.

Luxury features and accouterments included:

  • Intelligent lightweight construction with a powerful effect
  • Parrot pre-programmed with over 800 sea shanties
  • Retractable flotsam cranes
  • 9,000 thread count sail cloth
  • Aged cherry wood casing treated with whale oil
  • Anti-microbial, moisture wicking Corinthian leather bucket seat
  • Mini-tavern with 10 cup holders
  • Massive fish box with high velocity shaved ice dispenser
  • Remote control via iPhone app (Android app forthcoming)

"It looks like a barrel, steers like a barrel, and floats like a dream."

Set Sail for iPad!


Today, we are officially announcing the launch of Puzzle Pirates on tablet. As mentioned previously by our own Captain Cleaver, the tablet game is an expansion to the existing game, offering the same Puzzles and game experience on multiple tablet devices, starting with the iPad.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be sharing more information on the two key parts of the tablet project: our take on a refreshed user interface that we hope will make the game accessible to all users, and the additions we've made to the puzzles to make them fun to play with a touch interface. Note: the puzzles will remain unchanged for desktop users, but we do hope you'll be intrigued to see what we've added. We hope to use the next couple of months before we take the tablet version live to get your feedback on puzzle playability.

Sign up here to receive launch notification!

The Rite of Spring Green

Now with enhanced cuteness!

The waters of March bring with them a new Spring Green Mystery Box and a new familiar! Our lineup of familiars is being expanded with a seasoned cephalopod sporting a cozy sleeping cap and protective eyepatch, exclusively available in this mystery box!

From now until Monday, March 25th at 3 PM PST, you'll earn a free Spring Green Mystery Box for every $9.95 you spend on doubloons or every month of subscription time you purchase! Peel off the colorful wrapping of one of these mysterious green boxes and you could be rewarded with a new ship, clothing, furniture, chromas, or a new octopus familiar with sleeping cap and eyepatch--all featuring the seasonal color of Spring Green! Oh, and there's also a Seussian Spring Green Sheep pet that may or may not have escaped from a top-secret pirate cloning program.

These mysterious Spring gifts are only available through March 25th! For a full list of available prizes and other more detailed info, the official rules can be found here.

Ride of the Valkyries

They say Odin himself sailed the first Valkyrie Class Sloop down from Asgard to the seven seas, where he made a fortune selling durians. Awestruck shipwrights studied the vessel, committing every faceted detail to memory, and have managed to recreate the design right down to the fragrance of its hold.

With the speed of wings o'er the battlefield, this formidable bearer of the honoured dead splits the sea with her raised spear! An extremely metal thing to do.

On the quarterdeck sits a throne flanked by Valkyrie statues, a convenient cup of nourishing rum, and gunpowder next to open flames! Some may call it a deathtrap, but for the Vikings it cuts some of the red tape involved in reaching Valhalla.

The captain's cabin is a shrine to coastal raids, plunder, and bears. It is a place where one may discreetly practice throwing your fists into the air while screaming "Odin!"

Fjord fiesta!

Stepping below deck, one finds the traditional belly of a sloop transformed into a luxurious hall for feasting, revelry, and games -- a nauticaul Valhalla! A grim, one-eyed, wooden effigy of Odin presides over this floating mead-hall, guarding the ship's treasures, bolstering the crew's spirits, and startling unwelcome visitors. Wooden Valkyries stand, swords upraised, beside the feasting tables and mead vats, which function as drinking tables!

Combining the speed and versatility of a sloop with the character of a longship, the Valkyrie Class Sloop is currently available from now until the end of March. It sails off to Valhalla after that, to await Ragnarok beyond the reach of mortals, so visit your local shipyard soon!

Get Dolled Up for Spring Portraits

Big Mouth Admiral Finius does not sing or dance.

Claim March's Monthly Reward and receive the first in a new series of exclusive Brigand King Dolls! The appropriately-green Admiral Finius debuts as the first doll in this fearsome lineup of villainous baubles.

We have also added a new set limited edition portrait backgrounds from our talented and creative community. Visit a portrait easel and give them a look. Strike a pose with your Admiral Finius Doll if you're feeling bold!

You will be able to collect Admiral Finius by qualifying for a Monthly Reward in March. Once April Arrives, all leftover Finius dolls will be whisked away to an unfathomable and mysterious place beyond the charted seas (Forculus' closet). Who knows when, or if, they will return. Don't miss out!

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