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The Spyglass

All That Glitters!


Been watching the countdown for a while? Well, your moment has arrived: the Gold Box is back in stock at your local Bank until August 13th!

New items this month include Deep Gold Unicorns, Violet and Purple Dragons, Gold Dread Masks, Mossy Mousse hair dye, and a slew of Gilded furniture, including new storage items! And don't forget: this month's seasonal color is Plum, so this is a great chance to collect some Plum Gold Box trinkets and snag a few extra Plum Chromas!

The full prize list can be found over here, so read up and head on over to your nearest Bank. There's gold in them coffers!

The Shark Ship Redemption!

It all started with us receiving a report here at Puzzle Pirates HQ of sharks in the water. Normally we wouldn't bother ourselves with such trivial, non-puzzle related matters, but we've never been ones to pass up the opportunity for a field trip, so we loaded a ship up with rum and headed out to sea in search of sharks.

Long story short, we quickly got off track because of the rum, and if there were sharks we missed them*, but that didn't stop some of us from discovering new and creative ways to injure ourselves**. The trip was plenty inspiring, however, so much so that we've put together a brand new Limited Edition ship for August: the Tiburon Class Sloop!

By the way, if anyone sees Fishheadred clinging to some flotsam somewhere in the Meridian Ocean, please send word: his wife is pretty worried.

Here is the Tiburon Class Sloop's quarterdeck and helm, complete with diving bell, crane and... shark cannons! We're pretty sure they're not made out of actual shark, so go ahead and fire them to your heart's content!

Here we see the Tiburon Class Sloop's figurehead at its most fearsome! If you're not certain what species of shark that is, just remember that it's one of the ones that wants to eat brigands.

Down in the Tiburon Class Sloop's hold, the bilgers will be kept company by a lovely aquarium that a small shark and a few exotic fish call home. Don't worry: that glass is extremely thick!

The hold also has a plushly appointed sitting room, overlooked by a majestic mounted hammerhead! Oh, and there just so happens to be a sealed hatch in the back, leading down to...

A shark tank! Woe be the jobber who walks the plank from the Tiburon Class Sloop: that shark's been working hard to keep up with the ship, and is bound to be hungry...

The Tiburon Class Sloop is only available until the end of August, so bite into one soon!

* Except for Eightycats, who claimed to see dorsal fins about every thirty seconds.
** It turns out that sticking a sword rack on the quarterdeck was a horrible idea, though I think Forculus looks better with that peg leg, anyway. Greenbones would agree with me if he could still see out of both his eyes.

2012 Pirate Summer Games!

Ahoy, ahoy, summertime swashbucklers!

We know you're probably neck deep in Sail Patching at the moment, but hear us out: there's excitement afoot!

From today, Friday, July 27th, until 10 AM PDT on Monday, August 13th, the Pirate Summer Games are on! Every pirate in the ocean has been randomly assigned to one of five teams, each named after a different monster from Greek mythology: Cyclops, Gorgon, Cerberus, Hydra, and Minotaur. Check the Competition tab on the Notice Board for more info and to confirm your team assignment.

Ready to go for the gold? You can score points for your team in one of two ways: by defeating members of other teams in rated one-on-one puzzle battles (Swordfighting, Rumble, Treasure Drop or Drinking), or by winning one of the numerous Puzzle Competitions that will be running during the event! Keep an eye on your Ahoy tab in the coming days for more information on upcoming such Competitions!

Every participant will get a cool Summer Games themed trophy, so what are you waiting for? On your mark, get set... GO!



At a recent meeting with Captain Cleaver, the Puzzle Pirates team was given explicit instructions not to make any plum puns when talking about the upcoming Plum Mystery Box event. When we jumped in to say that we prefer to call plum puns "plumns", we were all flogged to within an inch of our lives. After a bit of rest and recovery*, we're back to tell you all about the new stuff available in July's Plum Mystery Box! In a mature and respectful tone, of course, because we're pretty sure that the Captain reads this blog and I, personally, can't bear to spend another afternoon cleaning the quarterdeck with a toothbrush.

So, what's new in the Plum Mystery Box?

  • All of the trinkets in the Plum Mystery Box are new and unique to this month's event, and every single one of them can be held in portraits. Not only that, but the trinkets in the Plum Mystery Box can be traded in to your local Trading Post for Plum Chromas! Coordinating your perfect summer outfit has never been easier**.
  • For a few of you lucky mates out there, each box has a chance to contain a new, never-before-seen Plum Panther*** pet, or even a super rare Plum Octopus! Both are fine additions to any respectable pirate's menagerie.

So, when can you get your hands on all this great new booty? Well... Right now! From now until 3:00 PM PDT on July 23rd, 2012, you'll snag a free Plum Mystery Box for every $9.95 you spend on doubloons or every month of subscription time you purchase! That's 5 Plum Boxes for purchasing a $49.95 package, 12 Plum Boxes for purchasing an annual subscription, or even more!

If all that sounds good to you, head on over and grab your boxes right now! If you're more of the ponderous type, you can find all the gritty details without all the interminable chattering over in the official event rules.

Good luck, everyone, and here's to a great summer on the high seas!

* We were plum tuckered out. WAIT NOOOO
** Mine involves both plum and lime green. Don't judge me.
*** We originally wanted to make a pink-colored panther, but somebody sent us a rather threatening package of fiberglass insulation and we lost our nerve.

Sea-Borne Smugglers!

The Navies can't catch 'em and the Empire - HAR! - they still deny their existence! But we know they exist because we've all pawed over their wares in the Black Markets. The Smuggler's code must be iron-bound 'cause we ain't ne'er even seen their ships up close...until now! That's right mate, the legendary Smuggler Class Sloop can now be gotten from yer local shipyard! Rumour has it that some unnamed person or persons made these smuggling vessels available for some reason. A vendetta 'gainst a former smuggling crew? Who knows? But here she be in all her glory!

She's adorned with the visage o' a shadowy lady gesturing for secrecy. We all know that loose lips can sink ships, so this seems a fitting figurehead for such a secretive bunch.

That bloke with the knavish look there on the deck wouldn't give any account o' hisself other than the moniker "Black Gull", no doubt an assumed alias. Nevertheless, Mr. Black Gull graciously volunteered to show us 'round the vessel, and we accepted. Ye can see the stealthy shades used for the decking, timbers, rigging and even the rowboat is outfitted for nocturnal activity.

Dropping below decks into the hold, we see the same shadowy tones, but other than that it seems a fairly straight-forward ship. What's that ye say, Mr. Black Gull? We should take a closer look at the wall there 'neath the jolly roger?

Great whistlin' sea hags! 'Tis a hidden hatch hoarded with contraband, me hearties! Arrrr! Look at all that loot! All right, all right, Mr. Black Gull - we can see yer antsy to go up the stairs behind ye, but let's just have ourselfs a wee peep inside some o' these crates, shall we? Fine! We can spy them out later, lads - lead away up yon stairs, Mr. Black Gull.

Aha! So it's back above decks we be, in a wee hidey-hole? More illicit goodies here and - eh? What about that wall, Black Gull? Have ye another trick up yer sleeve?

Avast! Another secret hatch leads us into the cabin, with the decks just beyond yon door. Well, I must say, Mr. Black Gull, I - wait, where be the blaggard? He were here just a moment ago! Blimey, well ain't he the slippery one?! Well, in any case, let me just say that The Smuggler Class Sloop is only available for the month of July, and, as ye can see, she's just the perfect thing for all pirate pastimes from pillaging beneath the summer sun to...more clandestine activities.

Back in Black!


The culmination of months of smuggling, bootlegging, and other forms of ne'er-do-well'ry, the Series 3 Black Box is now available for purchase from your local Black Market!

Indeed, the scoundrels at the Black Market have really outdone themselves this time. New items for Series 3 include the design for the brand new Rogue Class Dhow, the delightfully devilish Dastardly Moustache Wax, and the mythical Shadow Unicorn pet!

That's not all, of course: there's also a whole slew of other Black Market-themed prizes, including the super-rare Skeletal Monkey familiar! The full prize list can be found over here on the YPPedia, but why take our word for it? Head over to the Black Market and get yer mitts on some filthy lucre right now!

A Brief Message from the Black Market

Skeletal Monkey!

On June 22nd, we will be retiring the Series 2 Black Box in favor of the new Series 3 Black Box. Normally, we like this sort of thing to be a surprise, but as some of the Series 2 prizes will be cycling out of availability at that time, we wanted to take a moment to give some advance notice on exactly what is changing.

The items that will no longer be available from the Black Box on June 22nd are...

  • Black Painted Chest
  • Black Poker Table
  • Black Jaguar
  • Black Elephant
  • Gold Chroma (still available from the Gold Box)

If you want one of these items, this is your last chance to try your luck by snagging a Series 2 Black Box from your nearest Black Market!

What exactly will be in the Series 3 Black Box, you ask? Well... we have to save something as a surprise, don't we?

Bingo, Donkey, Vegas!

Searching for inspiration, we here at Puzzle Pirates HQ recently spent some time at the largest gambling mecca in all of the Eastern Seas. All things considered, it went pretty well! Forculus struck it big at poker and used his winnings to form Forculus Industries, a holding company whose sole asset is Fishheadred (who is very bad at poker). Eightycats got yet another kitten tattoo that he is going to regret. As for Greenbones and I, we spent ten minutes playing Treasure Drop and then immediately got back to work, producing the initial sketches for what turned into June's Limited Edition ship: the Casino Class Sloop!

Pictured here is Quicksilver enjoying the Casino Class Sloop's captain's cabin, which has been converted into a little gambling den, complete with cashier's cage and roulette table! The roulette table will spin a number upon request and announce it to you and the rest of the ship, but it won't accept bets. Where would the Pieces of Eight come from, after all? Quicksilver refused to pony up when we asked.

Here's a lovely image of the ship's lucky joker figurehead. My grandpappy always said that the trick to poker was to always have the best hand, and you can't get any better than the royal flush this prow is packing! Quicksilver maintains that it's much more convenient to carry your royal flush up your sleeve. He's no longer invited to poker night.

This is the hold of the ship, with a cashier's cage navigation table, a pile of loot that works as a booty chest, and, of course, all the parlor and card tables you could ever need! There are also bilge pumps down there somewhere, of course. You can't play poker with wet cards, after all! Well, you can, but we don't recommend it.

The Casino Class Sloop is only available for the month of June, so head on over to your local Shipyard and place your bets now!

The Emperor's New Sloop!

April's Limited Edition ship is our most luxurious yet. Say ahoy to the Emperor Class Sloop!

Easily the stealthiest ship on the seven seas, the new, fully transparent Emperor Class Sloop is perfect for midnight raids on Imperial outposts, as well as for everyday pillaging and treasure hunting!

The Emperor Class isn't without teeth, however. Check out the new "giant-sized" cannons here on its deck that do three times the damage of a small cannonball!

But what would a Limited Edition ship be without some luxurious fixtures? Every Emperor Class Sloop comes with a complete pet menagerie, including some exotic and never-before-seen animals, as well as a beautifully appointed captain's cabin, with an extra-special Sea Battle board game table and attentive servant NPPs!

You don't have to worry about getting rumsick aboard the Emperor Class, either. As you can see, there's a fully functional distillery down here in the hold, so you can make as much fine rum as you need while you're out on the water!

The Emperor Class ship is only available for the month of April, so make sure you place your order now before it disappears!

EDIT: Sorry, everyone, but it turns out that the shipment of new Emperor Class ships has gone missing! We could swear they were safely tied up at the dock, but when we went to check on them this morning, they weren't there. Our apologies for any inconvenience!

It's Yer Lucky Day!

Lucky Box!

From now until 3:00 PM PDT on March 19, 2012, you'll earn a FREE Lucky Box for every $9.95 you spend on doubloons or every month of subscription time you purchase! That's 5 Lucky Boxes for purchasing a $49.95 package, 12 Mystery Boxes for purchasing an annual subscription, or even more! Featuring the seasonal color Spring Green, the Lucky Box has a wide array of awesome prizes inside, including some never before seen items, such as a green spectral hound straight from the wild otherworld or even the rarest of wonders: the Green Monkey familiar! Wait, really? Egads! What have we done?

Spectral Hound!

Not only that, but there's also a bevy of great Spring Green-colored prizes: Spring Green sloops, Spring Green furniture, and even Spring Green parrots! Try your luck this Spring by tearing into a Lucky Box right now. For a full list of available prizes and other more detailed info, the official rules can be found here.

Good luck, everyone!

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