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The Spyglass

June Update

The Puzzle Pirates June update is awash with treasures from the Eastern Seas! First and foremost, there's a new vessel type: the Junk!

The Junk comes complete with 12 large dragon cannons, a reinforced hull and room for you and 17 of your best mates. It's available now from your local Shipyard, so head on over and place your order!

While you're wandering around doing some shopping, you might be interested in the wide variety of new furniture items available...

There's lanterns, wall hangings, lacquered chests and tables, folding screens... Everything you need to bring a little piece of the Eastern Mainland to your private pirate hideaway or ship!

Rounding out this Eastern bounty are two new swords!

That's the dadao on the left, and the katana on the right. Both are now available for production from any Ironmonger. We look forward to seeing them in the hands of pirates everywhere!

The Best of the Rest

We managed to sneak a few more goodies in along with the June release. Some of the more major additions are...

  • Gunning swabbies! Swabbies can now be ordered to gun, and will gladly man your ship's cannons for you with aplomb and derring-do.
  • The scale for Battle Navigation standing has been adjusted! Have you and countless others been stuck at Legendary, with nary an Ultimate in sight? No longer! For additional info on this change, check out this thread on our forums!
  • A longstanding swabbie labor dispute has finally been resolved, and Cutters now get four swabbies instead of just three! They're still free, though: their union isn't nearly as good as they think it is.

The full release notes can be found over here. We'll see you on the high seas!

May Update!

The Puzzle Pirates May update has arrived! There's something for everyone in this month's patch, so let's take a peek inside...

Crew and Flag Housing!

An exterior shot of the new Pirate Hall.Crew and flag hideouts are now available for Monarchs and Captains to purchase at their local Pirate Hall! Crew and flag members can always enter their respective halls, making them the perfect spots for meetings or crew/flag parties. Additionally, all Senior Officers or Royalty have roommate privileges within their crew/flag hall, meaning that leaders can share and exchange items and PoE with each other using storage furniture!

Available in three varieties, there's a Pirate Hall for every crew and flag. Check 'em out in-game today!

Brigand King Hunts!

Gretchen is disinclined to acquiesce to your request for her trinkets.The brigands and barbarians have recently picked up all kinds of info on the movements of the legendary Brigand Kings. If you're the sort that likes to beat up on brigands, they'll be obliged to share this wealth of knowledge with you in the form of new Expeditions to track and defeat a Brigand King!

Not only that, but the Brigand Kings have also picked up some new trinkets, so there are even more prizes available to pirates canny enough to earn one of their ransoms! Don't be fooled, however: despite all this, the Brigand Kings are still the same mighty challenge they always were, so stay sharp!

The Best of the Rest

As always, there are a few other miscellaneous bits and fixes in this release. Some of the more major additions are...

  • Players on subscriber oceans now get 36 hours of labor per account! Roll up your sleeves and play even more of the new Weaving puzzle, or just help your local shipyard churn out some Verdant Class Cutters!
  • Portrait items for the Foraging and Rigging puzzles!
  • Hammocks are now available for manufacture at the furnisher!

The full release notes can be found over here. We'll see you on the high seas!

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