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The Spyglass

A Brief Message from the Black Market

Skeletal Monkey!

On June 22nd, we will be retiring the Series 2 Black Box in favor of the new Series 3 Black Box. Normally, we like this sort of thing to be a surprise, but as some of the Series 2 prizes will be cycling out of availability at that time, we wanted to take a moment to give some advance notice on exactly what is changing.

The items that will no longer be available from the Black Box on June 22nd are...

  • Black Painted Chest
  • Black Poker Table
  • Black Jaguar
  • Black Elephant
  • Gold Chroma (still available from the Gold Box)

If you want one of these items, this is your last chance to try your luck by snagging a Series 2 Black Box from your nearest Black Market!

What exactly will be in the Series 3 Black Box, you ask? Well... we have to save something as a surprise, don't we?

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