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The Spyglass

A Pirate Carol!

Pirate Carol!

Show the brigands the error of their ways!

The brigands 'n barbarians have frost in thar soul this season. Ye ghosts of holidays past, present and future must “encourage” thar holiday cheer whilst pillagin' the seas. Defeatin' these scrooge-ish brigands 'n barbarians will surely bring some piratey cheer back to our oceans.

From now until the 2nd of January, ye pirates have been turned into a ghost o' holidays past, present or future! Load up a ship 'n take to the seas, earnin' points fer yer team fer every piece o' eight ye wrest from the hands of the miserly brigands!

On a related note, the high rate of haunted brigands has led to an equally high rate of Top Hats flyin' off of thar heads in surprise. The Palace Shoppe has managed to acquire a healthy supply of these surplus hats and are makin' them available fer sale! Yer dream of showin' up at yer hearty's party wearin' a stunnin', orange monstrosity on yer head could soon be a reality! Act fast, though, because the Top Hat supply will soon disappear!

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