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The Spyglass

Event: Brigand Frenzy!

Are yer coffers a bit low after the holidays? If ye spent yer shiny coins on the festivities, now is yer chance to replenish yer treasure chest to overflowing! Sharpen the swords and set sail. The brigands are in a frenzy!

  • Brigands and barbarians have extra booty. Payouts are higher, if you can defeat them!
  • Hoping for a fantastic haul of smuggled goods, brigands are increasingly attracted to islands with Black Markets.
  • The Brigand Kings are more actively roaming the oceans. Expeditions to track them down are more common.
  • The chance for triggering an expedition while pillaging has been increased. The brigands are being a bit careless with their scraps of paper.
  • Maps to sea monster lairs are more common to find when pillaging.
  • Merchant brigands are hoping the increased sailing activity will be a good distraction so they can sneak their goods to market. They've loaded up their ships with increased treasure!

This Brigand Frenzy event will be active until January 24th at noon PST.

Happy hunting, mates!

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