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The Spyglass

Get Fired Up For August!

If there's one thing we love even more than rum here at Puzzle Pirates HQ, it's harmony. For that reason, when we're not too busy singing in our barbershop quartet, we love it when we're able to come up with a ship idea that beautifully meshes its theme with its environment, such as last February's Cupid Class Sloop, or the Nightmare Class Cutter that Eightycats keeps saying he sees whenever he closes his eyes at night.

All that said, the artists worked hard over the last few weeks, and the fruits of their labor was the "August Class War Brig", and it was awful. It was so bad, in fact, that Forculus set it on fire. After a bit of fast talking to some pretty incredulous firefighters, we realized that what was left of the artist's plans was actually pretty neat looking, and thus was born the Limited Edition ship for August: the Inferno Class War Brig!

A particularly angry looking phoenix figurehead is proudly affixed to the ship's bow. Don't worry, it's not angry with you: it's probably just looking for some brigands to take its frustrations out on!

The lower cabin, of course, is home to layers of volcanic rock and some boiling-hot magma. It also sports some "cozy" hammocks. At the very least, none of your crew will complain about being too cold!

And of course, no ship tour would be complete without a look at the hold. In this case, the Inferno Class War Brig comes standard with warm brass cannons, decorative golden cannonballs and reinforced steel bilge pumps, perfect for dealing with either water or lava!

The Inferno Class War Brig is only available until 3 PM PDT on Thursday, September 1st, so get yours while its hot!


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Any REAL game updates ever going to happen?

August 13, 2011 at 12:58 AM PDT | permalink

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