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The Spyglass

Hunt the Moonlit Sea!

Halloween casts its sinister shadow across our seas once again. Fer a limited time special Spooky Trinkets can be plundered from Brigand Kings n' Sea Monster Hunts, and can be exchanged at the Trading Post. Two new masks and new furniture designs have been added to the Trading Post t' help ye scare away unwanted trespassers. Act now while the candy lasts.

The wolfsbane is in bloom and the pack is calling! From the dark wood beneath an autumn moon it has come for ye! Pirates should be wary of this dangerous new ship that prowls the darkening waters. Ravenous and primal, it has caught the scent of cowardly brigands and is out fer their blood! The Howl Class Sloop has no mercy and will lure the gullible. Board that ship at yer own peril.

The Howl Class Sloop is available at yer local shipyard through November 30th, 2016!

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