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The Spyglass


Rescue the Interoceanic Expedition

Velasco Thorsson, that haughty yet brave explorer, has made it through the icy maelstrom to discover a direct passage from his ocean to yers! Alas, dead in the wintry waters he is, unless he can get enough supplies to sail home. So take ye to the frosty seas and wrest the supplies from the clutches of ice-blooded brigands and help the intrepid explorer make it back home to complete his voyage!

The ocean has been divided into five teams, with pirates from the same crew all being placed on the same team. Pirates can participate and earn points for their team by defeating Brigands and Barbarians to win expedition supply items and assembling them into kits at Velasco Thorsson's depot near the docks on certain islands. Full details can be found here.

The competition ends on Wednesday, January 4th at 3 PM PDT.

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