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The Spyglass

Make 'em Green with Envy!

The season be right for all things green me buckos, and it be high time for a new Limited Edition Ship to ride the waves! So here she is: the Bardic Class Sloop. What a thing o' beauty she is, with her elegant lines, intricate knotwork carvings and shades o' brilliant green! But let's have ourselves a closer look shall we?

From her bow hangs a fierce-looking kelpie figurehead. This carnivorous shape-shifting water-horse o' legend be just the thing to strike terror into any chicken-hearted blaggard what crosses yer path!

Here be young Master Fergus, a good lad, standing high upon the sterncastle surrounded by shamrock planters, a captain's chair fit for a true sea-chieftain, and a fine harp to accompany his favourite songs o' the sea. Ahoy Fergus! Be there a cabin beneath ye?

Aye, indeed a cabin there be: snug green chambers equipped with green-tinted lights, a working storage chest, a globe that shows ye yer known world, and a traditional drum to help the ship's master keep time with the rolling o' the waves. 'Tis a grand space indeed, but let's have Fergus head back out to continue our tour...

...and here he is out on the deck proper. As ye can see the deck is as lush and emerald-hued as the rest o' the vessel, and ye'll also find special chairs for the crewmen painted in the same hues, and a working sword-rack. Avast Fergus! Pick ye up that fiddle there and play us a tune, me lad! Nay? Well, young Fergus is a humble fellow and doesn't wish to show off...perhaps another time me boyo? Shall we head below then?

Here be Fergus, standing in the well-equipped and handsome hold o' the ship. Here ye'll find another working sword-rack and clock to check the time, more green-tinted lights and a rum barrel that let's ye and yer mateys access the drinking puzzle! But what is it that Fergus is staring at? Why 'tis a mysterious and ancient standing stone, brought aboard for luck. Look lively Fergus! There be a banshee behind ye lad! Ye'd best stopper yer ears afore she starts a wailin'! That's right me hearties, every Bardic Class Sloop comes inhabited by a unique banshee!

A finer ship ye'd be hard-pressed to find, but alas: the Bardic Class Sloop is only available until 3 PM PST on Monday, the 2nd of April. So head to the shipwright and place yer order afore the banshee comes a callin' for ye!

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