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The Spyglass

Sea-Borne Smugglers!

The Navies can't catch 'em and the Empire - HAR! - they still deny their existence! But we know they exist because we've all pawed over their wares in the Black Markets. The Smuggler's code must be iron-bound 'cause we ain't ne'er even seen their ships up close...until now! That's right mate, the legendary Smuggler Class Sloop can now be gotten from yer local shipyard! Rumour has it that some unnamed person or persons made these smuggling vessels available for some reason. A vendetta 'gainst a former smuggling crew? Who knows? But here she be in all her glory!

She's adorned with the visage o' a shadowy lady gesturing for secrecy. We all know that loose lips can sink ships, so this seems a fitting figurehead for such a secretive bunch.

That bloke with the knavish look there on the deck wouldn't give any account o' hisself other than the moniker "Black Gull", no doubt an assumed alias. Nevertheless, Mr. Black Gull graciously volunteered to show us 'round the vessel, and we accepted. Ye can see the stealthy shades used for the decking, timbers, rigging and even the rowboat is outfitted for nocturnal activity.

Dropping below decks into the hold, we see the same shadowy tones, but other than that it seems a fairly straight-forward ship. What's that ye say, Mr. Black Gull? We should take a closer look at the wall there 'neath the jolly roger?

Great whistlin' sea hags! 'Tis a hidden hatch hoarded with contraband, me hearties! Arrrr! Look at all that loot! All right, all right, Mr. Black Gull - we can see yer antsy to go up the stairs behind ye, but let's just have ourselfs a wee peep inside some o' these crates, shall we? Fine! We can spy them out later, lads - lead away up yon stairs, Mr. Black Gull.

Aha! So it's back above decks we be, in a wee hidey-hole? More illicit goodies here and - eh? What about that wall, Black Gull? Have ye another trick up yer sleeve?

Avast! Another secret hatch leads us into the cabin, with the decks just beyond yon door. Well, I must say, Mr. Black Gull, I - wait, where be the blaggard? He were here just a moment ago! Blimey, well ain't he the slippery one?! Well, in any case, let me just say that The Smuggler Class Sloop is only available for the month of July, and, as ye can see, she's just the perfect thing for all pirate pastimes from pillaging beneath the summer sun to...more clandestine activities.

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