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The Spyglass

Remember, Remember...

...there's a new ship this November! And not just any ship: it's the explosive, Limited Edition Gunpowder Class Sloop! Let's take a look.

Here's the Gunpowder Class Sloop's prow: it's Guy Fawkes! He's on fire! And he's lugging a pair of pretty wicked looking powder kegs! You have our personal assurance that those will not explode if you ram someone. We promise.

Speaking of powder kegs, let's head below decks where you'll find what the Gunpowder Class Sloop is named for: barrels upon barrels of gunpowder! Little known fact: the entity that manufactures all the bags of powder in the ocean also produces that same powder in convenient barrel and crate sizes! Who knew?

You might think that keeping all that gunpowder in one place would be dangerous, but fear not! It's being carefully watched over by a couple of highly-motivated Guy Fawkes effigies. To be completely honest with you, I don't think they've been properly trained to handle explosives, but they're better than nothing, and they came cheap.

Finally, a quick look at the Gunpowder Class Sloop's quarterdeck. Note the lively bonfire roasting a particularly massive Guy Fawkes effigy.

Wait a second, a bonfire? Right next to all those fireworks? And isn't the quarterdeck right above the ship's hold? Where all the gunpowder is? Um. Well. I'm sure everything'll be fine. Yeah. It'll be fine. Let's not worry about it.

The Gunpowder Class Sloop is only available until the end of November, so start plotting to get yours now!

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