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The Spyglass

Here There Be Serpents!

We be payin' tribute to the Year o' the Snake* with this month's Limited Edition Ship: the Serpent Class Sloop! A sleek snake figurehead hangs from her prow, and she be dressed out in fine serpentine style with carvings an' banners and the like, all with a right fancy flourish that harkens to the far eastern seas. Her cold, beady deadlights set upon prey, she's like to slither through the waters just ready to strike!

Let's 'ave ourselfs a look at the craft, shall we? Below we see Ms. Luck upon the foredeck o' this scaly beauty. As ye can see, 'tis a colourful ship this, snaky green decks with red and gold trimmings befitting the Chinese New year. And not a few fine serpentine touches all abouts.

Arr, an what a fine poop-deck! Thar be a snake-'eaded tiller beneath what looks to be a stolen pagoda roof, crowned with a golden serrrpent! And all 'round there be fireworks and boxes o' combustables for yer New Year festivities! Or, should an icy squall start a blowin', ye could always light'em and hold'em tight for emergency warmth - HARR HARRR!

A tasty banquet awaits ye in the Serpent Sloop's cabin, along with more slinky, snaky touches. Here ye might relax after a bountiful voyage, divide booty at yer leisure, or put down yer cutlass and fill yer gob with fine fare that'll make ye forget about ship's biscuit for a while. Shall we - eh? What's that Ms. Luck? Har, indeed! She reminds ye not to light a match me bucko, or those fancy firecrackers just might tickle yer noggin off!

Avast Ms. Luck! Let's stop a moment 'ere in the belly o' the serpent. Well sink me fer a cross-eyed squiffy! Just strike yer deadlights on all that slithery booty me hearties! Twisty wall snakes an' fancy banners 'an even wee snake satuettes - an' more rockets an' crackers an' things what go BOOM! Puts me in a mind to shed me ol' skin and bring in the year o' the snake a better, jollier, and craftier pirate that ev'r afore!

Look lively mates, ye can only get yer hooks on a Serpent Class Sloop until the end of February, so get yer orders in before they slither away to fortunes unknown!

*An' by Neptune's knickers, we sure don't be payin' no tribute to any accurs'd serpent cults 'r the scallywag Stygian necromancers what captains 'em. Those scurvy dark-arts blaggarts wouldn't know a jib from a mainsail!

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