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The Spyglass

The Shark Ship Redemption!

It all started with us receiving a report here at Puzzle Pirates HQ of sharks in the water. Normally we wouldn't bother ourselves with such trivial, non-puzzle related matters, but we've never been ones to pass up the opportunity for a field trip, so we loaded a ship up with rum and headed out to sea in search of sharks.

Long story short, we quickly got off track because of the rum, and if there were sharks we missed them*, but that didn't stop some of us from discovering new and creative ways to injure ourselves**. The trip was plenty inspiring, however, so much so that we've put together a brand new Limited Edition ship for August: the Tiburon Class Sloop!

By the way, if anyone sees Fishheadred clinging to some flotsam somewhere in the Meridian Ocean, please send word: his wife is pretty worried.

Here is the Tiburon Class Sloop's quarterdeck and helm, complete with diving bell, crane and... shark cannons! We're pretty sure they're not made out of actual shark, so go ahead and fire them to your heart's content!

Here we see the Tiburon Class Sloop's figurehead at its most fearsome! If you're not certain what species of shark that is, just remember that it's one of the ones that wants to eat brigands.

Down in the Tiburon Class Sloop's hold, the bilgers will be kept company by a lovely aquarium that a small shark and a few exotic fish call home. Don't worry: that glass is extremely thick!

The hold also has a plushly appointed sitting room, overlooked by a majestic mounted hammerhead! Oh, and there just so happens to be a sealed hatch in the back, leading down to...

A shark tank! Woe be the jobber who walks the plank from the Tiburon Class Sloop: that shark's been working hard to keep up with the ship, and is bound to be hungry...

The Tiburon Class Sloop is only available until the end of August, so bite into one soon!

* Except for Eightycats, who claimed to see dorsal fins about every thirty seconds.
** It turns out that sticking a sword rack on the quarterdeck was a horrible idea, though I think Forculus looks better with that peg leg, anyway. Greenbones would agree with me if he could still see out of both his eyes.

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