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The Spyglass

Trick ARRR Trinket!

Scary how cute they are!

This Halloween season be sure to plunder Sea Monster Lairs and waylay any Brigand Kings ye find. Lucky pirates may be awarded candy trinkets! Adventurous pirates who visit the Sea Monster Lairs may find more monsters, but may also find more treasure!

Once ye have a nice pile o’ sweets, head over to the Trading Post. Five trinkets can be exchanged for new monster dolls! Hold a goblin, vampire or Frankenstein’s monster doll in a portrait to immortalize yer holiday exploits. If ye have any stale candy tucked away from the event last year, the Trading Post won’t know the difference.

Once ye have yer fill of sweetened treats and expanded yer monster doll collection, use the sugar rush to beat back the hordes of skellies, zombies and werewolves that assail the land!

Don’t stumble like a skellie, because these haunted festivities will only be available until November 4th!

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