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Apollo's Blog

M is for... Music

The thirteenth in the alphabetical series. This post browses through some of my favorite music!

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An Apollogy

So, while cleaning out some of the spam comments, I seem to have inadvertently cleared a load of your own comments too!

I am very sorry. You may now add comments suggesting what my punishment should be. If it's good enough, I might even do it! :D

L is for... Lists

The twelfth in the alphabetical series. This post is a set of lists. Of things. And stuff.

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Olá de Portugal!

Alas, I still haven't put together "L is for... Lists"! I've made outstanding progress, though - I made the "L" image for the post, so it's all going splendidly. Meanwhile, outside, I'm doing a really excellent job on the sun - it appears to be hot and bright! I don't know if I can take partial credit for the sky, which is beautifully bronze (well, ok, dark blue) with occasional fluffy clouds to remind me what it might be like at home. The palm trees are nicely sculpted and pose nonchalantly around the swimming pools.

I can't quite keep away from Puzzle Pirates, even while I'm on vacation. Thanks to the wonders of wireless internet, I've been able to deliver some prizes, check the forums, answer PMs and emails. The difference is that during vacation time I do it because I want to, rather than because I have to. *grins* I must also get my Seal o' Piracy - 'twould be a shame to miss out on that just because I can't fit a few swordfights into my busy schedule.

11:00 Wake up
11:05 Stagger out to swimming pool and fall in
11:06 Attempt to climb on inflatable pool raft and fall in
11:07 Repeat
11:08 And again
11:09 Enough exercise for today; fall out
11:10 Apply sun cream
11:12 Arrange lounger, towel, book, drinks
11:13 Aaaaaaand... rest
18:55 Free time
19:00 Dinner
21:00 Bed

As you can see, there's a good five minutes in my action-packed day when I can be playing Puzzle Pirates, and I'll be sure to make good use of them!

Weather is beautiful - wish you were here!

Epic Chanty!

I'm posting this as something of a deadline reminder. I set you all the fun and awesome task of creating together an updated Epic Chanty, a song in poetic form marking ths history of the game since the move from Azure Ocean to Midnight Ocean. Verses can cover any game development, such as new puzzles, new oceans, new features - pets, housing, sea monster hunts, Brigand Kings, etc. The aim is to construct a single Chanty out of the contributions made, making the final product a collaborative effort! And anyone whose work contributes to the final Chanty will get a nice trinket and (if they choose) a real-life Y!PP item as well.

The event thread, with all the rules and instructions, is here, and there's also a thread for theme suggestions here if you want to write something but are not sure what to write about!

The event does require a very specific meter for the verses you enter, so make sure to read the event thread to get that right. I would like to mention, to reassure you, that I set a mini-Epic Chanty (can you have a mini-Epic?!) challenge as part of the Easter Easel contest, and given only 24 hours, 60 people managed to put entries in, and most of them managed the rhyme and meter scheme just fine. (I love my doodlers - they can do ANYTHING!)

The deadline for the Epic Chanty event is the end of April 30th, so take a look now and see if you'd like to write a part of our history!

K is for... Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa)

The eleventh in the alphabetical series. This post provides a set of questions asked by players, along with tidbits of information about those players!

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J is for... Jumble

The tenth in the alphabetical series. This post provides a jumble of J entries, comprising Just Joking, Jolly Roger, Jinxed Idol, Jolyma and Jerze.

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I is for... Ippolito

The ninth in the alphabetical series from the GuildCafe blog. This post provides a little background information about the ippolito (seahorse) familiar.

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H is for... Humping

The eighth in the alphabetical series from the GuildCafe blog. This post investigates the incidence of humping on the production oceans.

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G is for... Gender

The seventh in the alphabetical series from the GuildCafe blog. This post deals with the issue of gender in online games.

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F is for... Favorites

The sixth post in the alphabetical series from the GuildCafe blog. This post describes some of my favorite things.

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E is for... Email

The fifth in the alphabetical series from the GuildCafe blog. This post discusses the wonderful world of email.

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D is for... Dolls

The fourth in the alphabetical series from the GuildCafe blog. This entry deals with the delicious topic of dolls!

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Sun Spot

A post for the Cask of Blog. This post answers questions asked by players, either in the blog forum or in interview questions drafted for a December Daily Doodles contest.

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C is for... Crud

Third from the alphabetical series from the Guildcafe blog. This is about a cerebral catastrophe.

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