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Cronus' Blog

The Curse of the Cursed Isles: Day Three

Cronus' message in a bottle, 26th November, Floating again.

I think my heart almost dropped into my boots when I saw the sail in the distance. It wasn't necessarily the sail, but the outline of the figures aboard that worried me. They didn't look like any pirates I'd seen before. They almost appeared to glow in the same way that the surrounding fog did. They weren't on a ship, but on some type of raft.

I tried to maneuver the raft in the opposite direction, but my helmet made for a lousy oar. I tried every trick I could think of to move the raft, I even tried to conjure up some seafaring incantations that Oceanus once taught me. None of my maneuvers seemed to be working as they inched closer. My only reward for my efforts was a tingling feeling in my hands. It was the same feeling that I get if I fall asleep on my arm after a large turkey buffet.

It wasn't long before they had rammed my little makeshift raft and started to board mine. 3 of the menacing creatures slowly moved towards me mumbling incoherently and brandishing ropes, pins, and chains. I'd seen that look before. It was the same one I get when contemplating my next meal. Never before had I thought *I* would end up being the meal. I put up my hands warding them off.

I watched with one eye open as they froze as if mesmerized. Their hands fell limp to their sides while they stared blankly at me. The tingling in my hands suddenly stopped and only a faint glow remained. I carefully stood mumbling something about needing a drink. Suddenly each one reached for the rum to hand it to me. It was like they were enchanted, hanging on my every order.

They seem content to let me scribble on this pad while they try to paddle. Another raft came by, but my 3 new subjects fended them off easily. I took the opportunity to continue my notes while drinking some rum and snacking on a lime. I wouldn't want to take advantage of my new subjects and give them any demeaning or unnecessary task, so I made sure to only issue important instructions when necessary. I could get used to this.

Below is an Excerpt from the Logge of Chatte.

Cronus says, "Cronus says, place this hand on your head."
Three thralled creatures place a hand on their head.
Cronus says, "Cronus says, place your other hand on your belly."
Three thralled creatures place a hand on their stomachs.
Cronus says, "Cronus says, pat your head."
Three thralled creatures pat their head.
Cronus says, "Rub your belly."
Two thralled creatures rub their bellies.
Cronus says, "Zombies 1 and 3, you're out!"
Zombies One and Three say, "U nO FaIr U ChEEtEd!"

Will Cronus find his way to shore? Will his new subjects turn on him? Who will be the first to be eaten?

Pssst! there's an ongoing need for illustrations to go with this mission report, so that Headquarters does not yell at our castaways for their lack of diligence in providing visual documentation of their journey. Information on this can be found in this forum thread, and contributions chosen for inclusion will be rewarded most handsomely.


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