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Gaea's Blog

The Curse of the Cursed Isles: Day Two, Gaea

Gaea’s Observations, 25th November, early – on a beach.

Fortunately, I had wrapped my notepad in oilcloth, and will be able to record my journey for posterity. Perhaps one day some pirate will find my writings. I have no way of knowing what the precise time is, alas – I opened my pocketwatch to find it full of sand, the clockwork irreparably fouled. However, the sun is low in the East.

The Stargazer crashed on the rocks late yesterday afternoon. A sudden fog descended, and appeared corrosive, but in a most illogical manner, striking at the wood of the ship, and particularly at the thickest parts of the hull! It is as though it knew where the strong points were... almost as though it were being directed by some outside force. It is most fortunate that our ship was small, else I believe we would have been obliterated entirely.

I am unsure of where the others are. I am not worried for my son. If anyone is capable of surviving and finding sustenance, it is Cronus. His appetite has also left him quite buoyant. I will believe the others also survived the disaster, though I hold little hope for the ship, and I am particularly distressed at the loss of the specimens I had collected, particularly that singularly attractive jellyfish.

It is my duty to catalogue the life of these islands, for posterity. Should I perish here, I believe any notes I leave behind will prove exceeding useful for those who follow. There is the sound of a stream to the west. I will follow it into the thick jungle which appears to cover this atoll entirely. I almost wish I hadn't surreptitiously disposed of the red boots Hephaestus issued us with – the coral which comprises the island is most sharp, though it is fascinating to think of how long it took to form such a magnificent reef.

Gaea’s Observations, 25th November, sun approximately thirty degrees west of apogee – in tree.

Why did it have to be serpents? There is an interesting exotic plant, possibly a rare species of orchid, on the other side of this stream and I am most upset, for the stream appears to be infested with snakes! My studies have indicated that aquatic serpents are most venomous, and brightly-colored ones, doubly so! These are most attractive, really, striped in a striking combination of indigo and white, but they are impeding my progress, and here I am without the proper tools to capture one. Alas, for my bucket with a lid, lost with the Enterprising Stargazer.

Fortunately, the canopy here crosses the stream entirely, so I have scaled a tree - some type of Pandanus, I think, and a particularly large and sturdy species. I have taken samples of the leaves and bark for further documentation. I am about to see if I can use the branches to cross over to the other bank of the stream. The serpents are watching with interest, which is most unnerving. It is as though they are attracted to my clothing - but no. That is idle fancy. Whoever heard of a red shirt attracting danger?

Below is an Excerpt from the Logge of Chatte.

Gaea says, "Ooo-er. This tree seems taller now that I'm out over the current. Perhaps if I cling extra hard? Nice tree branch. Nice serpents..."

Treebranch says, "CRACK."

Will Gaea get eaten by snakes? Will she reach the other side of the stream? Will she find the others? Will she discover a new bucket? Find out next time, on the Puzzle Pirates Blog!

Our sponsors would like us to let you know that there is an ongoing need for illustrations to go with this mission report, so that Headquarters does not yell at our castaways for their lack of diligence in providing visual documentation of their journey. Information on this can be found in this forum thread, and contributions chosen for inclusion will be rewarded most handsomely.


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