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Gaea's Blog

The Great Shoppe Mystery of Ought Eight.

It was a quiet night in petition-land. How, pirates wanted to know, did they create a crew? Is there any way to awake the turtles, afflicted with narcolepsy as they are, poor things? For the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, why, they cried, would their swordfighting rank not increase?

Aside from these sparse flurries of simple curiosity and the howl of the complaint-beast, roaming the distant wilderness, all was well. I was tucked up at my desk, enjoying a mug of chocolate and some idle chatter, perusing the older, in-progress petitions to see if there was anything I could complete a step on, when it happened.

I should have seen it coming, I suppose. A paltry fortnight ago, I mentioned on this very page that I enjoyed a puzzle - that nothing lit my eyes like the prospect of a test of knowledge! In retrospect, I was throwing up a challenge to the Fates, for, when my complacent eyes lit upon a petition from a name I recognized as an influential pirate and island governor, I felt a curdling - yes, a curdling! - in my wame.

How, asked the pirate, was it possible that the tailor shoppe he had placed but recently, overlooking the water, now faced the land? There had been no earthquake. Had divine intervention been involved? A second pirate chimed in, anxious about the fate of shoppers, as there was now a large block of ore just at the doorstep, sharp edges gleaming wickedly. Scratching my head, I did as any good keeper of the seas would do in my situation - I checked my literature, and, finding nothing, denied everything. "Are you sure?" I asked. "I don't think we can do that." Minutes passed, tensely. I posed the question to GodchatTM. "Hey, guys, can we do that?" Alas, due to the lateness of the hour, all was still. Peace fell again in petition-land, and then lo! two new missives lit up my screen. "You're wrong." said one. "I have here a screenshot; compare the formation of the land and the placement of the building."

I teleported to the location of the shoppe; sure enough, it was looking towards the land, with a hazardous rock perilously close to the egress. I compared it with the screenshot, which indeed featured a tailor shop, facing towards the sea, with an identical shoreline. Confronted with irrefutable evidence, I fell back upon my second strategy: Stall for time to come up with an answer which is correct. "Please leave this open while I do further research", I wrote, fearing that I was going mad or worse, that the earthquake piece from the foraging puzzle was now affecting the geography, causing buildings to shift. It was then that I heard, as if from on high, the "blup-bloop!" of an incoming message on GodchatTM. Ah, sweet relief! It was my Superior Goddess, and it was she who had unwittingly caused the uproar! I hastily explained the situation, and she shed some light onto the darkness. Earlier, a player had, distraught, petitioned for the shoppe to be moved. He had initially wanted the shop to face towards the land, and believed that there had been a mistake. Now, I wrote some time ago about superpowers; some of the superpowers which are available, including the power to demolish buildings, place new construction sites, and instantly construct a building (which, as it turned out, was what had happened) are the sole domain of a few OMs, for various reasons. We mostly do not need them, as buildings are only ever modified on very rare occasions, generally immediately after being placed, in case the governor sneezed while deciding where to put it, you see.

There had apparently been some confusion as to the governance of the island, and, in my colleague's haste to Right Wrongs, she had believed that the owner of the shoppe was part of the island's ruling body. I explained this to my petitioners, who were as relieved as I was to know that the world was not, in fact, coming to an end, and that we were not suffering from a shared hallucination. The shoppe continues to face the land to this day, but the rock hazard at the door was lifted, and placed in a more secure location, less likely to disembowel the customers of a tailor shoppe and get entrails on their fine new raiment.

And they all said I may recount this tale, and so far, they are all still living happily. "Ever after" remains to be seen, but is to be hoped for.

(To those involved: thank you very much for permission to write about this!)


Posted by deedeeiam

This is actually a great topic. One thing I've never been sure on - or admittly have never researched - is the listing of OMs/Developers/SystemAdmins. I recall looking in YPP and there was a little information. Other than looking through the forum and reading the blue titles under the names, is there something that says:

These gods only do in-game work ->
These gods are known as developers ->
These people aren't gods, but they're in charge of this ->

..A pirate-tized organizational chart?

September 10, 2008 at 05:56 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by Gaea

Yep! http://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Ringers has a list of exactly who does what. OMs are the only ones with names from Greek myth - Sophocles might confuse a bit, but he's named after a real person. :-)

September 10, 2008 at 06:43 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by deedeeiam

Har! I fail at YPP searching - I'll blame blondeness. Neato!

September 10, 2008 at 07:53 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by Ghyslaine Rhodin

Since I found the Ringers page years ago to make the to-do list for my Ringer Egg Campaign, I'm going to suggest going well-tanned as well to make yourself a better searcher.

That goes for the rest of you, too. >.>

September 10, 2008 at 10:30 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by deedeeiam

I was once told if I "get more tan, a birth certificate would be required for any documents I completed asking origin/ethnicity." >.> Playing ditzy blonde can have it's perks, occasionally.

I would suspect that comunication in these types of situations would be frustrating - unless there is a log of sorts for "Every Small Change that MAY or MAYNOT affect SOME or ALL Pirates."

Heavenly bodies are essentially scapegoats for sins in most cultures. Things get changed in the "background" and the "faces" get ker-smacked.

September 10, 2008 at 11:38 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by Bennyboi

I remember when the Malachite ocean had just opened, and my PPlifelong now quit friend Gillmorenas wanted to do a pillage. However, there was no cbs stocked in the Ironmongers. Apparently there was something about them being magicked onto the ship. Gill wasn't getting this, so petitioned two OMs. This was followed by a loooooong period of silence, and I believe a "Don't know" was involved. So I suppose it happens a lot. But, y'know, you still do an awesome job, so you are allowed the occasional booch :)

Bennyboi and the nowmuchsmallerversionofTOMS

RIP Gillz0r and Katez0r <3333

September 11, 2008 at 08:36 AM PDT | permalink

Posted by Nooblar

One of my favorite things about this game is that the gods regularly admit to only being human.

September 12, 2008 at 02:55 AM PDT | permalink

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