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Hera's Blog

Awesome Autumn Again!

While Autumn isn’t my favourite time of year, I do always look forward to the Agricultural and Pastoral (A&P) Shows that come with that season here in New Zealand. When I was growing up, the side shows were always my favourite spot and I’d spend hours wandering around there indulging in too much candy-floss before going on the Ferris wheel and Chair-o-plane. Inevitably, after all the spinning around, I’d spend the rest of the day feeling motion sick and sorry for myself.

Bouncy Castle

I’m a little too old for such things now, and wasn’t too upset that the Ferris Wheel was nowhere to be seen this year (possibly due to the ongoing aftershocks?). There was a very fine bouncy castle in the form of a sinking ship, and I did mutter the obligatory ‘yarr!’ as I wandered by and wondered how many shots it would have taken to sink her.

Lovely Llama

As an adult, I gravitate more towards livestock, handicrafts and stalls. I also indulge in entering a few handicraft items for judging (alas, nothing as exciting as a familiar as first prize, but there is the occasional ribbon to be had!). This year I had great success gaining both first and second prizes, but as my entries were the only two in that particular class it wasn’t a difficult thing to achieve (although it would have been extremely embarrassing if I’d not been placed!).

102kg pumpkin

Now that my favourite part of Autumn has been and gone, I'm resigning myself to the colder weather that will soon be here. I've stocked up on wood for the fire, have new needlework projects at hand to keep me busy and am looking forward to many cups of hot chocolate in front of a warm fire while watching it rain outside. This year, I've decided to embrace the cooler weather and enjoy it rather than be taunted by my fellow Oceanmasters bragging about their warm sunny days.

That is my story, and I'm sticking to it!

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