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Hera's Blog

Mid-Winter Moves!

Winter has arrived in New Zealand again, much to my dismay. I really do like the warmer seasons, and bemoan the dropping temperature every year. This year, I'm grumbling a lot as I'm facing moving into a caravan.Moving Over two years after the earthquake that caused so much damage here, I'm finally approaching the top of the list for housing repairs. A few weeks ago, the house was assessed again and I was told that it would be better if I moved out for a month while repairs were done. I was also advised that I'd likely only get a few days notice of workmen arriving.


So now, instead of catching up with long abandoned needlework projects in front of a cosy fire, I'm packing boxes, wrapping pictures and trying to work out just how to manage remaining in the house at night rather than freezing to death in a caravan. Helpful (?) suggestions of 'pitch a tent!' from fellow Oceanmasters aren't welcome, so I've given up my grumbling to them.

The other helpful suggestion of 'Go on holiday while the work is done!' is rather tempting, Kiwianaand I'd certainly like to be in San Francisco at the moment enjoying their warmer weather and the hospitality of the Three Rings office. I've been keeping a closer eye on that city of late as a distant relative is part of Emirates Team New Zealand currently camping out in San Francisco preparing for this year's America Cup. (Go Team New Zealand!!). Alas, I'll not be in that city any time soon (the best holiday I have on the horizon is a caravan in my driveway), but I'm already gearing up to support 'my' team for that event by indulging in Kiwiana!

So, think of me in a few weeks time, shivering outside in the cold while my house gets a makeover. I'll certainly be thinking of y'all in more comfortable circumstances...

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