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Oceanus' Blog

Puzzle Tic

I have a theory that everyone has a nervous puzzle tic.

Puzzle tics are not easy to notice. They manifest themselves when you are already 'in the zone' and therefore completely oblivious to everything except the puzzle. To discover yours, get a friend to help you. Have them watch you while you play. With luck, they'll be making fun of your puzzle tic in no time.

So, what about me. What's my tic? Sword fighting.

Like a orchestral conductor I keep tempo with the breaking combos. I trigger the combo. Then, hands raised slightly off the keyboard tapping the air, head nodding sharply with each beat, I summon each lethal, colorful chord. Click, click, click - BOOM! And when the symphony succeeds, the curtain falls on my opponent. I'm pretty sure I look ridiculous.

And speaking of ticks that look ridiculous, I recently discovered this blue guy who I somehow missed the first time around. Pure genius.

Words Unfit

This morning I used the term 'hyperlink' and it immediately offended my senses. To think I've been reduced to regurgitating decade-old Internet buzzwords. That is all.

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