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The Spyglass

Flame of Might!

Let’s face it mates, it’s hot out on the seas. Why not subcontract yer pillaging out to the All-Consuming Flame? Own a subscription that runs through August, or make a purchase of $9.99 or more this month to receive an Azarbad the Great Plushie to lead yer fleet.

While yer hidin’ from the heat, ye might as well find yerself a game or two in the inn. Complete 10 parlor games to earn the August Seal o'Piracy!

While Azarbad may prefer other ships, there’s really nothin’ like a well appointed war brig. The oceans' shipwrights have managed to learn enough about the militant Imperials' vessels now to be able to replicate their War Brigs to exact specifications! The Imperial Class War Brig can be ordered from your local shipyard, but act quickly; it won't be around fer long.

The Pirate Summer Games!

Summer Games

Hear ye! Hear Ye!

The Quadrennial (plus one) Feats o' Strength 'n Agility are upon us once again - The Pirate Summer Games 2021!

Compete against yer fellow pirates in one-on-one challenges or place first to third in Puzzle Competitions to earn points fer yer team - 'n a chance at Eternal Glory! Earnin' yer place in the Overall category of a competition is worth more points than an individual category.

Yer crew needs ye, so get out thar 'n show off yer well honed pirate skills. The competition ends on August 8th, so head to the startin' line now.

Summer Night Plumge


Help a mate out o' a jam! Aft plumbin' the depths o' oceans far 'n wide, our hold be plumb full o' fruity goodness. Sure, we could let Cronus consume it all, but then we ‘ave to listen to him bellyachin’ when he eats too much. So we be makin' it available fer ye pirates t' pilfer.

Take a plumge into this month’s box that’s plumb full of fruity goodness. The plum-der includes Summer Night Octopuses, Summer Night Dragons, Cats, and Summer Night Pups.

From now until 3:00 PM PDT on July 12, 2021 you'll receive a free Plum Mystery Box for every $9.99 you spend on doubloons, or every month of subscription time you purchase!

For more information about the full contents of the 2021 Plum Mystery Box, as well as the official rules, please click here. Get'm quick before they begin to prune!

Golden Touch

Even after all yer efforts last month, yer still not respected as much as ye’d like. Ye need to instill a little fear. Earn the July Seal o'Piracy by compleatin’ 2 actions that increase yer pirate Conqueror Reputation.

Even as yer conquering the seas, ye can still be a posh pirate. If ye need help learnin’ how to polish yer rough personality, ye should bring on a new mentor who can help ye earn some of the finer things in life. Own a subscription that runs through July, or make a purchase of $9.99 or more this month to receive a Admiral Finius Plushie. Sacre bleu! Remember, yer in the presence of royalty!

After all this work, do ye have the golden touch? Are yer coffers overflowing with plunder? Find out this month on the Midas Class Sloop and sail the seas in opulent style. This sloop is the most luxurious way to pillage with your six closest hearties.

The Stakes Are High


Hark! There be somethin’ wicked afoot when the night skies bleed red. Somethin’ with a mighty thirst and a cravin’ for a good swordfight! Be aware that these aren’t yer average vampire, they’re the abomination created when a vampire turns a seafaring pirate.

Don’t turn yer back on these creatures o’ the night for one moment. Thar not to be trusted and knowing ‘em as we do, likely have somethin’ more up thar sleeve. Keep yer mateys close or they may be next to turn.

Protect yer necks, join the fray, n’ band together and push them back to the sea! Be wary, losin’ bites.

Midsummer Nights


The dog days of summer will soon arrive in port. While the course of true piracy never did run smooth, the seas look calmer as the weather warms.

This month, the Department o' Treasury has filled the Gold Box with vibrant items to celebrate these long summer nights. Discover Midsummer Parrots, Midsummer Toucans, Unicorns, Tigers, n’ more.

Find Gold Boxes at yer island bank until June 15 at 3 PM PDT. Get the full list o' goods right here.

Pirates who get distracted may miss out, but who knows what may lurk in the next Gold Box. Visit the Gold Safe at your island bank to buy Gold Boxes today!

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.

Bad Reputation

Own a subscription that runs through June, or make a purchase of $9.99 or more this month to receive an Madam Yu Jian Plushie to join yer crew. The Mistress of the Jade Sword is formidable and could help inspire a band of noble plushie warriors to fight at yer side.

If’n the Queen alone doesn’t sway pirates to follow ye, perhaps ye need to work on yer reputation?. Earn the June Seal o'Piracy by increasin’ yer pirate Patron Reputation. Bein’ a good host is sure to impress those around ye.

If’n ye still don’t have enough followers, it’s time to bring the heat. This month we salute the heat of summer with the Inferno Class Sloop. Thankfully, the magma below decks seems to have some magic about it, as pirates working below decks won't be harmed by it. We still don't recommend drinking the stuff, though! This sizzling ship is available for sale at your local shipyard for the month of June.

Goin’ Bananas for Banana


Get ready to go bananas with the always appealin' Banana Mystery Box! Split open these boxes and ye may find Banana Cream Octopuses and Banana Cream Monkeys both attired in jaunty hats, Banana Cream Leopards, Banana Cream Patchy Foxes, n' more! These items are ripe for the pickin'. Don’t slip-up n' forget to partake in the side-splittin’ banana fun.

From now until 3:00 PM PDT on May 17, 2021 you'll receive a free Banana Mystery Box for every $9.99 you spend on doubloons, or every month of subscription time you purchase!

For more information about the full contents of the 2021 Banana Mystery Box, as well as the official rules, please click here. The Banana Mystery Boxes are only available for a limited time, so grab 'em before they split!

Sailin’ Into Spring

Hushed voices in the inn speak of an old man who lives alone on an island. If pirates are afraid to speak loudly on any subject, ye know the story must be interestin’. Own a subscription that runs through May, or make a purchase of $9.99 or more this month to receive an Old Man From Oyster Plushie to tell ye stories late into the night.

If yer tired of listenin’ to stories and are lookin’ fer a fight, ye best set sail. Earn the May Seal o'Piracy by completin’ 20 sea battles.

Given how much ye’ll be sailing this month, it’ll be nice to bring some spring cheer with ye. This month’s ship is the Verdant Class Cutter, and it has to be seen to be believed. Someone at the shipyard clearly has a green thumb given the whole ship is in bloom!

Winter’s Twilight

April Gold Box

Avast mates! Yer finally in the twilight of winter and the spring thaw is on the horizon. We’re happily sailin’ towards warmer days with a hold full o’ Gold Boxes. Amongst this cargo ye’ll find items designed to say goodbye to the long dark nights of winter, and hello to the sprouting of spring.

Open one o' these Gold Boxes and ye'll find Twilight Monkeys, Twilight Dragons, Twilight Otters, Pet Rocks, and Storm Hounds.

Find Gold Boxes at yer island bank until April 12th at 3 PM PDT. Get the full list o' goods right here. Just like the first bulbs of spring, this box won't be around long. Visit the Gold Safe at yer island bank to buy gold boxes today!

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