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The Spyglass

Trick-ARR-Treat Time

Trick-ARR-Treat Ye Scallywags!


Are ye ready fer Halloween, mates? To get ye in practice, we have a fine competition prepared for ye: Starting October 22nd, Pirates will be invited to participate in the great Trick ARRR! Treat event of 2021. That's right: "Arr!" We're pirates, after all.

And how do ye win this competition: Sail with yer crew and retrieve candy from the unwilling hands of brigands! A boon fer the Pirate with a sweet tooth!

Along with the competition, pirates might find hordes of monsters washing up on shore at an alarming rate. If yer scared, don’t worry, ye can hide behind one of the masks available at the palace shop.

Back In Black

The scallywags in the Dread Ringer crew have also updated the Black Box. These now include both skeletal familiars, a horde of black pets, Sanguine Amulets, Vampire Reliquaries; and some new furniture items. It’s unclear how the skeletal familiars were created, but we suspect something went dreadfully wrong during the hatching process. Creep on over to your local Black Market to engage in some dubious dealings!

Dress to Impress

When yer out Trick-ARR-Treatin’, don’t just wear any o’ thing; ye need to look the part! Lucky for ye, we have some costumes available. Check out the Palace Shoppe to get yerself properly attired for the run of the mill treat hunt, or a Vampirate gala!

Sinister Happenings Are Upon Ye

Sinister 3

Vampirates and other monster frays aren’t the only thing stalking the shadows on the oceans lookin’ fer libations. Ye’ll know ye’ve found one of these Sinister Boxes by the strange scratchin’ sound emanatin’ from within. Look closely inside the darkened crate and ye may discover Dark Vintage Monkeys with Hats, Shadow Ravens, Dark Vintage Hounds, Dark Vintage Sea Turtles, 'n more waiting to leap out at ye.

From now until 3:00 PM PDT on November 3, 2021 you'll receive a free Sinister Mystery Box for every $9.99 you spend on doubloons, or every month of subscription time you purchase!

For more information about the full contents of the Sinister Mystery Box, as well as the official rules, please click here. Sinister Boxes are only available for a limited time, so act before they disappear into the night!

Pumpkin Palooza

Pumpkin box!

The wind is picking up ‘n thar be a chill in the air. The first real sign of fall is descendin’ on the oceans. We’re not talkin’ about foliage. Oh no. Look out, ‘tis Pumpkin Spice time!

Time to sail into fall. As sailin’ days grow shorter, ye start to hear more than just the wind in those trees. Was that a shadow movin’? Maybe it was just yer imagination? Maybe it’s just a storm brewin’? Just in case, ye best start hordin’ goods fer winter. Sure, ye should stock up on rum n’ shot, but we suggest ye also collect some chocolate confections. Thar can never be too much chocolate!

The Department o' Treasury has created a Gold Box to celebrate all things Pumpkin and Spice. ‘Tis no trick, these here boxes are filled gourdy goodness including Pumpkinpus with Hat, Dragkins, Pumkittens, Pumpkin Squatches, Pumpkin Dread Masks, and Pumpkin Chromas! Visit the Gold Safe at your island bank to buy gold boxes today!

Find Gold Boxes at yer island bank until October 11th at 3 PM PDT. Get the full list o' goods right here.

Givin’ Ye A Hand

The echoing cries of long dead pirates fill the air... Barnabas the Pale and his ghostly crew have come fer ye! If’n this strikes fear into yer heart, never ye worry. This time it’s just yer very own miniaturized king o’ the Chthonic Horde to help ye rule the dead. Own a subscription that runs through October, or make a purchase of $9.99 or more this month to receive a Barnabas the Pale Plushie and keep the skeletons in yer closet at bay.

Now that ye’ve conquered the dead, ye need new adventures to inspire yer crew with. Earn the October Seal o'Piracy by completing 2 actions to add to yer explorer reputation.

This month ye can acquire the most fitting of vessels. A macabre construction of skull and bone, the Skelly Class War Brig is not a bare-bones ship. The vessel designers spared no ribs to make this fit for a skeleton king! Gilded armor and fancy chairs adorn this spooky ship, because even the undead enjoy style and comfort. Unlike these guys, ye don’t have all eternity to just sit around. Visit yer local shipyard today, because the Skelly Class War Brig is only available this month

The Stakes Are Higher


Hark! Thar be somethin’ wicked sailin’ the seas. Somethin’ wit' a mighty thirst 'n a cravin’ fer a good swordfight! Vampirates are not used to being so quickly pushed back from the islands they haunt, and have called in reinforcements by sea! Be aware that these aren’t yer average vampires, thar the abomination created when a vampire turns a seafarin' pirate. Ye didn’t reckon they’d stick to land did ye?

Sure ye can avoid these creatures 'n hideout on yer islands, or ye can pick up a cutlass ‘n pillage some o' thar legendary riches. Don’t turn yer back on these creatures o’ the night fer one moment. Thar nah t' be trusted and seem to be workin' together at someone's behest.

Follow the Vampiric Reliquary to find these creatures of the night, and steal their plunder fer yerself. Be wary, losin’ bites.

A Mystery Box o’ Chocolates


Our crew of chocolate arrrrtisans are back! They’ve put together a fall-themed box of assorted chocolates usin’ only the highest quality cocoa confections. Like all boxes of chocolate, ye never know what yer goin’ ta plunder. Indulge in chocolate delights like Cocoa Parrots with Hats, Autumn Monkeys with Hats, Autumn Foxes, and Chocolate Marshmallow Unicorns, ships, furniture, clothing, chromas, 'n more!

We won’t sugarcoat it, it’s hot out there at sea puttin’ our boxes o’ chocolate at risk. Don’t ye worry mates, we’ve made sure to keep them cool so the treats don’t melt into a puddle. As with previous years, we deployed some wine and rum as a distraction for the Ocean Masters so they won't be tempted to raid our stockpile.

From now until 3:00 PM PDT on September 13, 2021 you'll receive a free Chocolate Mystery Box for every $9.99 you spend on doubloons, or every month of subscription time you purchase!

Fer more information about the full contents of the 2021 Chocolate Mystery Box, as well as the official rules, please click here. The Chocolate Mystery Boxes are only available for a limited time, so dip into one today before they melt!

The Innformant

We get it. Bein’ on a ship fer days on end can make a pirate Crabby. Take a break on land and earn the September Seal o'Piracy by compleatin’ 4 different crafting sessions.

As most pirates know, some of the best intel ye can get is from the innformant. Unfortunately it’s not always easy to find this Old Salt in order to hear about potential plunder. Don’t worry, we have a solution. Own a subscription that runs through September, or make a purchase of $9.99 or more this month to receive an Old Salt Plushie to whisper in yer ear. Just be sure others don’t listen in and beat ye to the punch.

This month, after ye pry yerself away from the inn, ye can set sail on this marvel of Eastern Seas construction! Pillage yer way to fame and riches on the Fortune Class Junk.

Plumdering Plum


More fruity delights are headin’ yer way. If ye didn’t get yer fill in July, ye can presently procure plenty of plum perishables. The Department o' Treasury has created a Gold Box that’s ripe fer the pickin’. This box is jam-packed and filled with fruity plumder like Beach Plum Plum Parrots, Toucans, Poochs, and Sasquatches!

Let’s face it. Not every pirate is lookin’ to plumge into purple *cough* Nemesis *cough*. If this is the case fer ye, rest assured that ye may also find something with a bit o’ shine. Ye can collect gold trinkets, furniture, pets, tan familiars, and gold chromas!

Find Gold Boxes at yer island bank until August 16 at 3 PM PDT. Get the full list o' goods right here.

Flame of Might!

Let’s face it mates, it’s hot out on the seas. Why not subcontract yer pillaging out to the All-Consuming Flame? Own a subscription that runs through August, or make a purchase of $9.99 or more this month to receive an Azarbad the Great Plushie to lead yer fleet.

While yer hidin’ from the heat, ye might as well find yerself a game or two in the inn. Complete 10 parlor games to earn the August Seal o'Piracy!

While Azarbad may prefer other ships, there’s really nothin’ like a well appointed war brig. The oceans' shipwrights have managed to learn enough about the militant Imperials' vessels now to be able to replicate their War Brigs to exact specifications! The Imperial Class War Brig can be ordered from your local shipyard, but act quickly; it won't be around fer long.

The Pirate Summer Games!

Summer Games

Hear ye! Hear Ye!

The Quadrennial (plus one) Feats o' Strength 'n Agility are upon us once again - The Pirate Summer Games 2021!

Compete against yer fellow pirates in one-on-one challenges or place first to third in Puzzle Competitions to earn points fer yer team - 'n a chance at Eternal Glory! Earnin' yer place in the Overall category of a competition is worth more points than an individual category.

Yer crew needs ye, so get out thar 'n show off yer well honed pirate skills. The competition ends on August 8th, so head to the startin' line now.

Summer Night Plumge


Help a mate out o' a jam! Aft plumbin' the depths o' oceans far 'n wide, our hold be plumb full o' fruity goodness. Sure, we could let Cronus consume it all, but then we ‘ave to listen to him bellyachin’ when he eats too much. So we be makin' it available fer ye pirates t' pilfer.

Take a plumge into this month’s box that’s plumb full of fruity goodness. The plum-der includes Summer Night Octopuses, Summer Night Dragons, Cats, and Summer Night Pups.

From now until 3:00 PM PDT on July 12, 2021 you'll receive a free Plum Mystery Box for every $9.99 you spend on doubloons, or every month of subscription time you purchase!

For more information about the full contents of the 2021 Plum Mystery Box, as well as the official rules, please click here. Get'm quick before they begin to prune!

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