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The Spyglass

Bad Reputation

Own a subscription that runs through June, or make a purchase of $9.99 or more this month to receive an Madam Yu Jian Plushie to join yer crew. The Mistress of the Jade Sword is formidable and could help inspire a band of noble plushie warriors to fight at yer side.

If’n the Queen alone doesn’t sway pirates to follow ye, perhaps ye need to work on yer reputation?. Earn the June Seal o'Piracy by increasin’ yer pirate Patron Reputation. Bein’ a good host is sure to impress those around ye.

If’n ye still don’t have enough followers, it’s time to bring the heat. This month we salute the heat of summer with the Inferno Class Sloop. Thankfully, the magma below decks seems to have some magic about it, as pirates working below decks won't be harmed by it. We still don't recommend drinking the stuff, though! This sizzling ship is available for sale at your local shipyard for the month of June.

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