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The Spyglass

Givin’ Ye A Hand

The echoing cries of long dead pirates fill the air... Barnabas the Pale and his ghostly crew have come fer ye! If’n this strikes fear into yer heart, never ye worry. This time it’s just yer very own miniaturized king o’ the Chthonic Horde to help ye rule the dead. Own a subscription that runs through October, or make a purchase of $9.99 or more this month to receive a Barnabas the Pale Plushie and keep the skeletons in yer closet at bay.

Now that ye’ve conquered the dead, ye need new adventures to inspire yer crew with. Earn the October Seal o'Piracy by completing 2 actions to add to yer explorer reputation.

This month ye can acquire the most fitting of vessels. A macabre construction of skull and bone, the Skelly Class War Brig is not a bare-bones ship. The vessel designers spared no ribs to make this fit for a skeleton king! Gilded armor and fancy chairs adorn this spooky ship, because even the undead enjoy style and comfort. Unlike these guys, ye don’t have all eternity to just sit around. Visit yer local shipyard today, because the Skelly Class War Brig is only available this month

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