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The Spyglass

Portrait Day: No Tricks, All Treats

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to a very special Halloween edition of Portrait Day! With the big day only a couple of weeks away, we're celebrating by making more than just backgrounds available today. Get your treat bag ready, because we've got a lot of sweet stuff in store!

Autumn Arrives!

Autumn has finally made its triumphant return to our shores. Take a tour around your ocean to catch some very colorful foliage, and don't forget to pick up a scarecrow from your local Furnisher!

Black Pets!

They're back! If you missed them last year, and have had rotten luck with your Black Box pulls, now's your chance to snag a cuddly and deeply ominous pet of your very own. Black Cats, Black Dogs, Black Elephants and Black Jaguars are now available from the Palace Shoppe, so take a look!

Skelly Ship Gear!

A new tradition for Puzzle Pirates is the re-introduction of skelly-themed ship upgrades. We're pretty certain you can find a ship whose appearance would benefit greatly from some skeletal cannons, or a skeletal helm, or a skelly cap'n or mermaid figurehead! And if not, let us blatantly suggest the Phantom Class Sloop! That would be seriously spooky.

You can find the skelly ship upgrades at your local Furnisher.

Halloween Backgrounds!

Last but not least, it just wouldn't be Portrait Day without a whole slew of returning portrait backgrounds for your posing pleasure!

  • Jack-'o-Lantern
  • Ye Dread Dead
  • Phillite's Ghost Ship
  • Ickessler's Skellies
  • Bootlegpatch's Night of the Living Pumpkins
  • Molasses's Night of a Thousand Parrots

These backgrounds run the gamut from solo to expansive, from creepy to cute, so head over to your nearest portrait easel and see which suits your fancy!

Phew! To give you mates plenty of time to enjoy this year's Halloween offerings, we're going to juggle around the standard Portrait Day schedule a bit, so all of this stuff will be available for purchase until Tuesday, November 2nd at 3 PM PDT.

Have fun, and Happy Halloween!


Posted by Skullea

Shame you picked now to release this stuff. I just officially quit. Sigh.

October 12, 2010 at 04:02 PM PDT | permalink

Posted by Bonifacio

Watabout the new portys from the events? Not comin'? I'm dissapointed

October 12, 2010 at 09:38 PM PDT | permalink

Posted by

ur game is freaking boring!! Played for like 8 months .. i quit.. so did all my friends

October 22, 2010 at 03:44 AM PDT | permalink

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