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The Spyglass

The Stakes Are Higher


Hark! Thar be somethin’ wicked sailin’ the seas. Somethin’ wit' a mighty thirst 'n a cravin’ fer a good swordfight! Vampirates are not used to being so quickly pushed back from the islands they haunt, and have called in reinforcements by sea! Be aware that these aren’t yer average vampires, thar the abomination created when a vampire turns a seafarin' pirate. Ye didn’t reckon they’d stick to land did ye?

Sure ye can avoid these creatures 'n hideout on yer islands, or ye can pick up a cutlass ‘n pillage some o' thar legendary riches. Don’t turn yer back on these creatures o’ the night fer one moment. Thar nah t' be trusted and seem to be workin' together at someone's behest.

Follow the Vampiric Reliquary to find these creatures of the night, and steal their plunder fer yerself. Be wary, losin’ bites.

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