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The Spyglass

Unhallowed Halls!

Vampirates Land!

Ye hear that whisperin' on the wind? Thar be rumors of shadowy forces amassed on distant shores protectin' centuries’ worth of plunder. These forces aren’t alone. Word has it they are commanded by a regal creature who was first of her Vampirate kind. She’s the mother to all her minions and won’t take kindly to ye landing on her shores.

We sent a ship full of pirates to gather intelligence and investigate these rumors. Unfortunately, only those who made it to the first rowboat off the island survived. While they returned safely, they didn’t have a lot of useful information. While babbling incoherently, they seem to plead with anyone willing to listen, “Take ye hammers, hammer ‘em back. Shadowy hordes! She floats among ‘em!”

Sure ye can avoid these creatures 'n hideout on yer islands, or ye can pick up a cutlass ‘n pillage some o' thar legendary riches. Be wary and build those defenses. These aren’t yer average vampires lookin’ fer spoils, ‘tis their Sanctum yer entering. Ye didn’t reckon they’d make it easy on ye?

Land if ye dare, but be wary, losin' bites.

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